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BOUNTYKINDS beta phase 1st version Final AMA


BOUNTYKINDS was holding the final AMA of beta test 1st version with our Game Creator and Game Director, Mister YU (@AdamO999999)and YUTA(@schna_ym)! The main theme of this AMA was to inform the audience about the concept of the next Beta test 2nd version and the status of the development that is currently underway.

Beta Test Phase 2 version Start:

It commences on February 19 and requires a specific ticket for participation.

Beta Test Phase 1st version Reward:

For this season’s rewards, players in the higher ranks will receive “JAIL VOUCHER”, which will be released after beta test 2nd version.

Beta test 1st season Rewards

Varied rewards are offered based on different ranks and activities, including points, vouchers, and specific in-game items.
Learn more about Seasonal Rewards here.


40% of the penalty YU points collected in the JAIL of the MAP will be placed in the A pool. This is 100% of the JAIL VOUCHER Pool.
On the other hand, Staking JAIL VOUCHER. This Staking of JAIL VOUCHER is also 100%.
When a player unstakes (Claims) JAIL VOUCHER, the amount earned from the YU pool depends on the amount of JAIL VOUCHER’s Staking Share.

*The timing of when the pool is replenished is random.
**JAIL VOUCHER will be issued in Rewards.
***JAIL BOUCHER is burned when staked.

Only the first time will be announced, and we will announce when and if 40% of the bail will be added to the pool, so please stage your bail by then. However, after the second time, we will randomly add rewards to the pool with a notice.

In other words, it is a case in which a person receives the money because he or she has saved up a considerable amount of money and is ready to take it out again. However, if they do so, they will not be able to re-stake, and the share of existing customers will go up from there.

In the previous year’s AMA and last year’s AMA, I had mentioned from the very beginning that you would probably hate JAIL and that you were looking forward to the idea of this system.
In fact, we’ve been talking about how we’ve been accumulating this bailout money in a pool for a long time, and now the time has come for it to be released, which led to this implementation. And we are going to give it all away to the first users who worked hard during the test period. We are happy to reward those who have been and continue to be a part of the S-rank excitement.

New Features and Updates:

About the next phase. Information was presented on updates to current issues and new games to be added.

Update on fixing issues in PVP

We are still working on changing the logic of PVP. We are aware that there are some issues that need to be addressed in PVP. These include the matching part and the appearance of enemies. We are constantly working on improvements and ideas from both the players and the development team, and we would like to test the issues in alpha in beta, and then test these improvements in the next phase of the project.

Implementation of New PVE (BOUNTY HALL)

As well as solving PVP issues, a new new game will be introduced in the next phase for those who only have the opportunity to fight in the MAP according to their respective ranks.

Update C2E reward amount to a system linked to the number of active users.

The current plan is to introduce changes to the C2E pool linked to the number of active users after March 4. There is a misconception that more users will reduce the pool’s share, but we are primarily determining the amount of YU in this pool in conjunction with the number of users. The idea is basically the same as in any reward design: the more active users, the more rewards and the more BWP are given back to the players who earn the most BWP.

These mechanisms are also in the form of an ecosystem that cycles well in the Trident system, so that more rewards are returned to users through user inflows. We assume that as this ecosystem circulates, the value of Token will also increase, which we believe will strengthen the system that keeps the game going.

2-week event scheduled to coincide with the start of Beta Phase 2nd version.

During the first two weeks of Beta Phase 2nd version on February 19, we will be holding a start-dash event to increase C2E rewards and MAP rewards …etc. We will announce the details later on SNS, so please check there.


Q. Is there an amount of YU Point to put in the initial voucher pool?

It is more because of what we have saved during previous testing periods. I will publish it on social networking sites as soon as it is finalized.

Q. Am I correct in understanding that the number of voucher pools and jail vouchers issued will also increase during the jail voucher staking period?

We believe that the timing of when to pull out depends on the person’s acquisition status.
If a person has the ability to keep on getting into the top ranks, he or she will have many opportunities to win. So, we can continue to increase our market share, or we can put a portion of it toward strengthening the company. If you have the occasional opportunity to win, you can hold on to it for a while. Those who are lucky enough to get a chance to acquire a share may keep the profit. There are many different patterns, and the share will fluctuate accordingly, so you can either pull out your share or keep it.

Q. Does the JAIL VOUCHER have an expiration date?

It can be used only once and has no expiration date.

Q. Can JAIL VOUCHER be staked across seasons?

Staking across seasons is possible. Player need to formulate a strategy for when to unstake(Claim) . There is your situation, as mentioned above, and there will be a combination of your own occupancy rate, since the amount of YU in the pool and the amount of voucher staking will increase later on.

Q. Why don’t you increase the additional rewards for the top level of Zealy Giveaway?

We plan to increase the number of rewards, but we are still working on the concept of how to increase rewards, so please wait a little longer. We are also discussing this with our marketing team.

Q. In your last AMA you mentioned that you were planning to increase the probability of the Yellow Sphere at GACHA, I would like to know more details.

For Yellow Spere, we are considering an upward revision of the appearance rate based on the test results. Also, we would like to guarantee airdrops for those who have already had a GACHA. We have not yet decided on a specific number, but we are currently working in that direction.

Q. Can something good happen if I have a character or weapon NFT that seems weak now but I have it later?

It is in the conception that there will be more and more points of use that will make sense for any character. There are a few concepts that have not been implemented yet, such as one where you can have multiple characters to get different characters and weapons.

Q. It takes a long time to go around the MAP, do you have any plans to include a mechanism to skip this part?

We are planning to implement something that will speed up the process of circumnavigating the MAP. However, this is not in the development stage, but in the conceptual stage, so we cannot say for sure that we will implement something like this yet.

When entering the beta test phase 2nd version, will BWP start from 0 point?

BWP points will be reset and start from 0 and Rank D3.

This is, you know, one of those things where you have to be strategic about how you spend your first day. Since everyone will start from the lowest rank, it is possible that you may even hit that person who was 1st in SS this time.
Of course, there is that user level regulation, so even if the BWPs are close, if the user levels are too far apart, you won’t be matched.

Q. When will GACHA be implemented?

It is currently under development, but will be implemented as soon as possible. We plan to release the contents as needed.

Will there be a review of rewards for the A and B rank bands in C2E?

Beta Test 2nd version will include overall adjustments based on the results of the test so far, so we plan to fix this area as well.

Thank you to everyone who participated and asked questions. BOUNTYKINDS will continue to hold AMAs on a regular basis. I hope we can make a good game together.






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