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Welcome to BOUNTYKINSDS Beta-test 2nd version AMA


BOUNTYKINDS was holding the final AMA of Welcome to BOUNTYKINSDS Beta-test 2nd version with our Game Creator and Game Director, Mister YU (@AdamO999999)and YUTA(@schna_ym)! The main theme of this AMA was to inform the audience about the next Beta test 2nd version.

For Beta-test 2nd version

This is the moment you have all been waiting for, as the Beta test 2nd phase starts tomorrow. From the beginning we thought it would take about three weeks to restart, but in fact it took a little over two weeks. This test suspension period was short, but instead there was probably more to do than the other way round. Game We had to prepare for the resumption, so it didn’t feel like a break period for us either, we were busy all the time.

We are looking forward to the Beta test 2nd phase because the content is still very interesting. The beta test 2nd phase started on 19 February and will last for about three months. The first day will determine your rank, so do your best to improve your rank on the first day. Season Rewards will also be distributed from 19 February.

About the Start Dash Event

A Start Dash campaign will run from 20 February to 5 March. A Start Dash campaign will run from 27 February to 13 March. In this campaign, the percentage of C2E rewards distributed will be increased and the YU points you receive will increase according to your rank.
In addition, JAIL vouchers will be added to your rewards after winning a Battle Boss battle in the MAP. This is in limited quantities, so play on the map to get your hands on one. JAIL vouchers are an important item and can be taken out of the JAIL YU point pool to be redeemed.
This campaign is only available for two weeks, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Seasonal rewards and cheating

Seasonal Rewards (beta test 1st version) will also be available from tomorrow, so please log in to earn them.
Season ranks have been recalculated to eliminate some fraudulent accounts. We will continue to take strict action against cheaters, so we ask everyone to follow the rules and have fun playing. We will also check reported accounts daily and deal with them appropriately. We need your cooperation to prevent the game balance from being upset. Please be aware that we will take strict action against cheating and may even block the reported account.
From now on, we will check the chat logs in the game and have a system in place to properly deal with accounts that are in breach of the terms and conditions. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in creating a safe playing environment. The details of the terms and conditions will be published at a later date, so please check if you are interested.

Future plans for the Beta test 2nd version

Beta tickets are required to participate in Beta test 2nd version and can be purchased on the official marketplace.
After the Beta test 2nd version, rewards will be given to high rankers.
A new PVE game “BOUNTY HALL” and the “ARCHE SPHERE GACHA” which can currently be earned by staking in YU, will be implemented soon. The implementation of special BOUNTY HALL stages and restrictions on participating players is also under consideration. The ARCHE SPHERE GACHA will offer characters and rewards, with the possibility of rare characters appearing. The prizes from GACHA are therefore a bit of a gamble.

This is a summary of what was spoken about in the AMAs.

These AMAs explain that rewards will be given away based on the number of comments and that participants will need to join the AMA via Link3.
The rewards for this year’s winners were JAIL vouchers and ARCHE SPHERE.

Look forward to the next AMA. We will also have special offers for participants at the next Live AMA.
We encourage you to follow our social media to stay informed.






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