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BOUNTYKIND 2nd AMA for Follow up beta test season


BOUNTYKINDS will be holding the 2nd AMA of 2024 with our Game Creator and Game Director, Mister YU (@AdamO999999)and YUTA(@schna_ym)!
The main topics will be the revision of the BOUNTYKINDS roadmap and the work for the upcoming season.

Community Engagement and Project Updates

In addition to their focus on participative development, the team is working on integrating a more responsive feedback mechanism. This approach is designed to not only gather user insights but also to actively involve the community in the decision-making process. Regular updates planned for 2024 aim to go beyond technical enhancements, incorporating features and changes that are directly influenced by user feedback, thereby creating a stronger connection between the developers and the community.

Reflections on the beta test phase 1 and for the future

The development team is engaged in a continuous process of refining the technical backbone of the project. These improvements, though not immediately noticeable to users, are crucial for a seamless gaming experience. This includes optimizing server performance, enhancing security measures, and ensuring the scalability of the platform, all of which are fundamental for the long-term success and reliability of the project.

The expansion strategy involves a comprehensive approach to game development. This includes the addition of new content such as levels, characters, or storylines, as well as enhancing existing features to make them more engaging. The team is particularly focused on improving the user interface to be more intuitive and visually appealing, and introducing innovative gameplay mechanics that add depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

New roadmap :

Introduction of New Services

The team is not just adding new features but is also exploring the introduction of entirely new services (move to earn app). These services are designed to offer more variety and dynamism in the game environment. The development team is careful to ensure that these new services integrate seamlessly with existing game elements, enhancing the overall experience without causing any disruption or imbalance in the gameplay. These will be further developed from the Game Director’s E-sports experience.

Balancing Innovation with User Comfort

A key aspect of the development strategy is to introduce new features and innovations at a pace that is comfortable for the community. This involves a delicate balance between bringing in fresh, exciting elements and maintaining the core aspects of the game that the users love. The team is conscious of not overcomplicating the game or deviating from its fundamental principles, focusing instead on enhancements that genuinely improve the gaming experience.


Q. When will more new characters be added?

We are planning to add more characters in the next season. Please look forward to seeing what characters will appear in the next season!

Q. Are there any other things I should do before the beta is over besides rank in PvP?

It’s definitely about collecting as many items as you can on that map.
Some items are easy to find because of the testing period, and some items are not usable yet but will be effective later on.

Q. I can’t BARN the NFTs that I have finished using and they keep showing up, but if there is a way to BAN them, please let me know.

It can’t BARN it now. I think there are some broken items that are a bit disturbing, but there’s a reason why I’m keeping these, they will become crafting items in the future. So although they look unnecessary at the moment, they will be restored in the future.

Thank you for your Questions!
We will continue to publish information on various measures with various partners in the AMA and elsewhere. We are also checking your voices through various social networking sites, so please continue to help us make a good blockchain.






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