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BOUNTYKINDS 1st Anniversary Event


April 3 BOUNTYKINDS celebrates its first anniversary! We have several spectacular events planned to celebrate our first anniversary. To celebrate the first anniversary of BOUNTYKINDS, we will be holding 3 events! Take a week to fill this joyous ceremony with events.

1st Anniversary Event schedules

1. GACHA for the 1st anniversary

Limited to 24 hours from 3 AM UTC on April 3rd.

2. MAP Cycling Celebrate Event

From 3 AM UTC on April 4th to 3 AM UTC on April 10th.

3. Giveaway Events to welcome new game players

Giveaway:Limited to 72 hours from 3 AM UTC on April 5th.

Welcome new player : From 3 AM UTC on April 3rd to 3 AM UTC on April 10th.

1st Anniversary Event details

1. GACHA for the 1st anniversary

For 24 hours only, the probability of Yellow Sphere emission will be increased. The probability of getting a Rare character will be greatly increased to 5% and you will have a chance to get special NFTs.

Common30 %
Uncommon65 %
Rare5 %

2. MAP Cycling Celebrate Event

The probability of Yellow Sphere Fragments in the event’s rewards in MAP’s boss battles will be increased.

We will be giving away Yellow Sphere to those who POST on X (Twitter) about their success in MAP as a congratulatory and thank you statement. As of now, we are planning to draw one lucky person. We hope you will be filled with happy posts.

At the same time, Jail Vouchers will be released. Jail voucher will be discharged as a reward to the top 3 account who paid the most jailbreak cost YU points in Jail during the period. Quantity is one Voucher each. This is a bit of a thrilling event for the higher ranks, but you will have a chance to win rewards regardless of your rank during the period.

3. Giveaway Events to welcome new game players


A Giveaway will be held using X (Twitter). Follow BOUNTYKINDS social networking sites and retweet and like POST! Five people will win a BOUNTYKINDS beta ticket, three blue spheres, and a FFE ticket as a starter kit.

Starter kit (beta test ticket + three blue spheres + FFE ticket ) ✖️5

Welcome new player

The Top 3 accounts with the most BWP (must be at least 10,000 BWP) that started and registered with their first beta ticket between April 3 and 10 will be awarded Arche Spheres as prizes. 1st place will get 3 spheres, 2nd place will get 2, and 3rd place will get 1.
*This does not apply if multiple accounts are found to be playing. The winners will be moved up.

Beginners who earned the most BWP during the periodRewards
Rank 13 Arche Sphere
Rank 22 Arche Sphere
Rank 31 Arche Sphere

Happy 1st Anniversary!

The anniversary event that BOUNTYKINDS will be hosting is a thank you to each of the investors who have supported us, existing players who have helped us test the product, and new players who plan to start playing. Let’s continue to do various fun things together!
Enjoy life with BOUTYKINDS through these and 1st Anniversary Event!






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