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Celebrating BOUNTYKINDS 1st Anniversary


It has been a year since BOUNTYKINDS’s project first appeared in the world of blockchain gaming. We are proud that this project can continue for more than a year in the Web3 world, and we are grateful for all the support we have received. Since we have nurtured many stories over the past year, we would like to commemorate this milestone by looking back on our progress.

Prior to the launch of BOUNTYKINDS

On the eve of the launch of BOUNTYKINDS, the YU and FFE tokens were listed on the DEX and a public sale of the NFT took place. These proceeds provided the impetus for further development of the Web3 project. We also collaborated with many other blockchain game projects and blockchain game guilds for events and AMAs.

Alpha test version release of BOUNTYKINDS

At the game’s launch, the PVP and board game modes were first released, as well as the C2E ecosystem that oversees them. The GACHA that produces character NFTs and weapon NFTs and an official market to buy and sell them were also conducted at the same time.
We used these game modes to organize off-chain and on-chain events; in PVP you competed for the number of battles and wins. Each time a new character was introduced, an event was held, and that character appeared in the game, either as an enemy or as a prize NFT for the event.

A white sale was also held to replenish the character NFT. This sale was done with YU tokens and all YU of the purchase amount was burned, increasing the value of the YU tokens. This contributed to a project that maintained the token price and the value of the NFT without diminishing as the market waves of crypto currencies swell.

After numerous events and difficult bugs, the three-month test season is now over. The Alpha test data from this season period led to improvements for the upcoming season. The final rankings for this alpha test are as follows: The SS1 ranked heroes were awarded 10000 YU.

BOUNTYKINDS Alpha test season Dominion Ranking !
BOUNTYKINDS Alpha season Rewards

Beta test 1st version started

In preparation for the start of the beta test 1st season, we first listed the YU and FFE tokens on Uniswap. Along with this, we also held a long-term event for investors to supply liquidity.
Based on the results of the alpha test, new user levels were implemented for each game account. The introduction of this user level has made it possible to adjust the game balance in a more detailed manner. In addition, user levels were added by the BWP, thus complementing the C2E of this game project.

Released at the beta launch

A new JACKPOT has been added to the BOUNTYKINDS to reflect the will of the players. The distribution of YU point claim fee to be put into this jackpot pool was determined by a survey of players.
The MAP has expanded the number of event slots. First up was the JAIL slot, a penalty area where NFTs were captured while playing MAP. You had to pay actual Tokens, and the blockchain game characteristics were used to make the game more thrilling. Next came the Land development slot, an event slot where the character NFT is staked to increase the reward of the MAP. In addition, a Blacksmith slot was implemented.
The PVP was upgraded to address one by one the issues we had during the alpha test by limiting the barrier system and the number of enemies.

Two types of event spheres were introduced and an event-specific GACHA was implemented. The Halloween event sold Halloween spheres and burned all YU token from the sale profits. (40,000 $YU Tokens). For the Christmas event, Christmas Spheres were made available to be earned by Staking. The NFT obtained from these Christmas Spheres was implemented so that not only characters but also items used in the game can be earned.
In addition to these seasonal event, we have held numerous events inside and outside the game and implemented many other environments to enjoy the blockchain game both on- and off-chain.

Several other game items were also implemented or expanded, and the four-month season ended successfully.

BOUNTYKINDS Beta test 1st season Dominion Ranking !
BOUNTYKINDS Beta test 1st season Rewards

Beta test 2nd version started

We entered a new Beta test 2nd season with a new game director and token advisor on the team. It is a part that is not really felt in the game, but it was disclosed that we will be strengthening our fund management especially around the bloc chain. This is the part that was discussed at the AMA, so if you are interested, please check the AMA article. (BOUNTYKINDS AMA English log)
The Staking site for YU tokens, where you can earn spheres by staking YU, is now open ( Arche spheres and Arche boxes are now available, providing a permanent opportunity to obtain various game items and character NFTs.

BOUNTYHALL, a new PVE mode game, has been released. This game mode will provide more opportunities to understand and train the characteristics of different characters in battles against the CPU and will fulfill the expansion that will make BOUNTYKINDS a game for different player ranks and levels.
JAIL VOUCHER, a GameFi mechanism, was also implemented. This mechanism distributes 40% of the bailout money collected so far from the JAIL slots in the MAP to highly ranked players. This is not a simple distribution, however, and requires a strategic approach.

This season will further continue until the end of May 2024.

BOUNTYKINDS is a blockchain game that is constantly expanding and incorporating new mechanisms. We appreciate the cooperation and understanding we have received from our players during the testing period. It is only with the active cooperation of our players that we have been able to keep the project running stably for a year amidst the great wave of the crypto asset market.

It is thanks to all of you that we are here today, a year older, and a year better. We have already come this far, but we know that there’s still a long way for us to go. Because of that, BOUNTYKINDS will continue to promote for the construction of our ideal blockchain game world. So brace yourselves, for we still have more in stall for everyone for and we can’t wait for BOUNTYKINDS reach the best version of itself!

Join us along the way and have fun as we all aim to be an Emperor!






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