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the major update for the Beta test 3rd Phase


We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new season and a major update to start the season. BOUNTYKINDS has a whole lot in store for everyone – the major update for the Beta test 3rd Phase is here! Based on the data of the games accumulated in the past period, we will try to optimize the overall performance of the multiple games. This major patch will definitely introduce exciting new ways for players to approach the Game!🔥

Beta test 3rd version

⏰ Season Period : From June 4th, 2024 8AM UTC TO August 30th, 2024 3PM UTC

*During the transition from Beta test 2nd to Beta test 3rd, the game will be closed for a maintenance period
**All Dominion Ranks and BWPs will start at 0 with the new season.

Maintenance Details

Based on the test results so far, the following game modifications will be made. Here are the list of the changes and new features to be included:

👾 BountyHall

  • Reset all floors
  • Open upper floors (101 to 200 stage) in BountyHall
  • 3 new BOSS character added

🥊 Battle Arena

  • Update some Fee Points based on test results

🎲 Board Games

  • Adjustment of rewards in various slots


  • In-game store, start selling “Mystery box”
  • Start opening Mystery box’s that will be sold and Mystery box’s that have already been discharged in rewards


  • Renewed and additional staking will begin on June 1 2024, prior to the new season!
  • The contents of the Arche Sphere list will also be updated, but not until Quin Charlotte appears from the current Gacha pool

⚠️ Maintenance Note

  • During the transition period of the season, YU Calim will be under maintenance for security reasons
  • Daily and Weekly Rewards will not be distributed during the last week
  • Seasonal rewards will be distributed after the new season starts
  • Please note that after the end of this season, rewards may be revoked for accounts that engage in any of the following behaviors during this season
    • Accounts that do not hold more than 3 character NFTs as per the game rules, regardless of their high rank.
    • An account that used the same high ranking NFT on multiple accounts in a short period of time, causing serious damage to the overall balance of the game
  • C2E Rewards will not be earned for games played on June 4 and will be used to determine the ranking. C2E rewards will be reflected starting with the game play on June 5. This is because all players will resume from the D3 rank.

Events will be held in conjunction with the start of the program, so wait for further information!

The way you play depends on how many NFTs you own, how rare they are, and your user rank. So, what strategy will you use to become the emperor of BOUNTYKINDS next season?
We will continue to update the game to make it more enjoyable for all BOUNTYKINDS players.






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