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New BOUNTYKINDS Token Advisor will be Join_ AMA 🎉

block chain Game AMA


BOUNTYKINDS will be holding the 4th AMA of 2024 with our Game Creator Mister YU (@AdamO999999), Game Director YUTA(@schna_ym) and new Token Advisor ta1suke (@ta1suke)!
The AMA included announcements about the delayed start of beta test 2nd version, new Token advisor joined, BCG token economics, BKWD’s points program, and game feature updates.

Report on the delay in the start of beta testing and the addition of a new advisor

The started of beta testing had been postponed one week from the originally scheduled February 19 to start on February 26. It was also announced that Taisuke Nakano has been hired as the new Token Economics Advisor. He has a personal relationship with the creator, Mr. YU, and has interacted with him several times since the beginning of the development of BOUNTYKINDS, but now he has disclosed that he will be working more fully on the project.

Token Economics and Point Programs as NFT Game

BOUNTYKINDS uses three types of tokens: BKWD, YU, and FFE. BKWD are governed tokens and can be earned through airdrops, gameplay, transactions, and in-game spending. The amount of points earned will be increased by the points program, and points can be earned through gameplay, trading, and token spending. A point multiplier will be applied to Alpha/Beta test participants. Also Uniswap / Pancake Swap liquidity providers will be offered preferential points treatment. These are planned to be built on the basis of the Contribution-to-Earn that we have been aiming for since the beginning of the game. Details of these BKWD systems will be made available through social media.

NFT Game Feature Update

It was disclosed that the future roadmap will also be redrawn to introduce a point system to the above-mentioned governor’s tokens.

BOUNTY HALL will consist of 100 stages, and enemy strength will increase in stages. Character bindings will also be added.
The Arche Gacha will add Sphere and Charlotte, and will implement emission rate adjustments and a Gacha pool update feature.The Staking feature will virtually eliminate fees and reduce risk. In addition, the Gacha pool will be updated when the Gacha is won.

Development concepts and plans for future games

A character NFT, which can only be obtained through crafting, is also in the planning stages. This could make previously scarce characters suddenly valuable NFTs.

Various features will be implemented in the future, including token consumption events, guild functions, and a new weapon Gacha.

Token-related questions and answers

We picked up some of the questions and comments during this AMA and answered some of the questions that were pertinent to the theme of this year’s AMA.

Q. How will BKWD tokens be used and how easy will they be to use?

The BKWD, a governance token, will have aspects of voting rights and will grant BOUNTYKINDS rights to various decisions. We will keep you posted on the details part of things.

Q. What is the intention behind having 3 tokens?

From the earliest stages of the game’s development, we had planned for the game to be three-token in nature. Various other projects have a duel token system for governance and utilities, but we thought it was a bit weak to use only two because of the funding and use in the game aspects. To support this, we added tokenization of consumed energy (FFE), as used in many social games. And with this balance of consumed energy tokens(FFE) and utility tokens (YU), we are trying to make the ecosystem smooth and sustainable.

Q. Are there any other BCGs that incorporate the Trident system? Is this the first attempt?

While there have been cases of releasing the same token on different chains, I am wondering if there have not been many projects that have operated with three tokens from the planning stage. There seem to be a few, but I wonder if there are some that are not on-chain or only two that are used. The token advisor is very important for this new endeavor and for balancing the three token systems.

How was it? The person who asked the question received either JAIL voucher or Arche Sphere as a prize. More AMAs will be held periodically in the future. We look forward to your participation in real time at next time!






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