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The land development feature in the BOUNTYKINDS world is one of the way that players can stake their character NFT’s to further increase for more rewards from board game!

How does land development work and how to stake?

1. Going to the Investment menu

From the BOUNTYKINDS main menu players can click on the investment tab to see the different kinds of investment option that is inside the world of BOUNTYKINDS.

2. Going to the land development menu

From this menu you can see all the different types of investment that a player can do in the game, but now lets focus on the Land development, Clicking the right most option will show them the land development menu.

3. Land development menu and it’s Uses

In this screen players can browse the different locations to choose which land they want to participate in and which reward they want to get.

Here is the main menu for the Land development where players can choose from the various lands to stake their NFT’s at , different lands give different rewards and also require different NFT’s that can be staked, depending on what land the player chooses they can only stake there if the tribe or element requirement is met.

Rewards of each land is different and unique from one another so players must decide on where is the best land they want to stake their character NFT’s.

4. Select area for staking

Click on the land you would like to staking.
However, the maximum number of NFTs that can be staked is fixed, so you cannot select a land that has reached the limit.

In this menu the player is shown on the informations on what they can do and what they need to stake.

5. Choosing a NFT to stake

On the right side of the screen, only the NFTs you can stake in the selected LAND will be displayed in color.
Select the one you want.

On the Warriors it it shown that in this land they can stake if the character NFT has the tribe “BEAST” and has any other element, It also tells the details and lore of the land on its description.

*Players must choose carefully when deciding on which NFT they want to stake,The player must have owned the NFT for at least 2 days; if the NFT has just been transferred/purchased, the player must wait 2 days for the NFT to start “exploring”. 

**The player may join or cancel the “search” at any time. If a player cancels the “search”, all rewards for that search will be lost, even if the search time has not ended, and the players cannot use the staked NFT for any other game modes.

6. Check game points required for payment.

When the player decides on which land to stake at and has decided which NFT to stake it will show the payment that is needed for staking

7. Pay the required game points

When the players click on the explore they can now finalize through the payment menu

After paying the fee for staking the players will be shown that the exploration and payment is successful

8. NFT Staking a success

The players then will need to wait for 7 days after staking to receive their reward. When you play the board game and stop by the slot named “Land development”, you will be rewarded from each land you staking.

Earning Rewards from the Board Game (MAP)

When players play the map game mode they can sometimes land on the Land development slot, depending on where the player staked in the land development investment, the player will be rewarded based on that land.

Landing on the land development slot will further increase the current rewards with the character NFT that the player staked.

Players get random items from the land they have staked at and will be cumulative everytime the player gets an item from the game slot.

*Rewards earned in this board game will not be received upon Clear the MAP; as a LAND reward, all will be available to be totaled after the staking is completed.

Claiming the Staking reward

After 7 days the players that staked can now go back to the investment tab and click on the land where the player has put the NFT . Claim the prizes and reward that they have accumulated throughout the days.

These are the rewards that the player has gotten every time they step on the Land development slot

Players that have finished setting up NFT’s to explore can now earn more and build up their rewards when playing the map game mode

Summary of Character NFT Staking

Players staking their characters NFT out to “explore” and explore territories in the world of BOUNTYKINDS. At the end of the exploration time, players have the chance to receive a number of rewards. To “explore” each map, players need to pay a little Yu Points and a little energy. (This will change from time to time during the test period).

For more information, check out the white paper!

To learn more about the land development game slot on the map please check out the






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