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One of BOUNTKINDS game modes in which a lot of players have been rewarded for their luck. As long as luck allows it, anyone has a chance to win the grand prize.
Learn how the Battle Jackpot works and how players can win the prize through this game mode!

How to use the Lottery Tickets to win the BATTLE JACKPOT

Take your chances at Jackpot by using your Lottery tickets earned as rewards for various games!

1. From the Main Menu, click on INVESTMENT

To begin accessing the Battle Jackpot, a player must first click on the INVESTMENT button that can be found at the bottom of the Main Menu.

2. After clicking on the INVESTMENT button, select LOTTERY to enter the Battle Jackpot

Select the LOTTERY found in the center-right of the screen. This will transfer the player to the Battle Jackpot where they can use a ticket and try to draw the Jackpot Pool.

*You will be told by a surprise marker when you are holding a Jackpot rotary ticket!

3. Battle jackpot menu and how to use a ticket!

To play the Jackpot players can select USE to try and see if they have the winning ticket of the Battle Jackpot. Players have the option to Use  1 or 10 tickets at a time.

4. Display of lottery results

Continue to use tickets and never lose hope in winning the Battle Jackpot! Players can continue to play BOUNTYKINDS’ amazing game modes to collect as many Jackpot Tickets. By having more tickets, players get as many chances they can have in winning all the $YU points in the Battle Jackpot!

Jackpot page display details

1: Current prize
This is where the current prize amount is showed to be won by players when they get the jackpot

2: List of winners
This list shows the player base who won the battle jackpot prize, how much they got, and when they got it

3: 1 ticket use
This button lets the player use 1 ticket to roll for the jackpot

4: Ticket Number Count
This shows how many lottery ticket the player currently has

5: 10 ticket use
This button lets the player use 10 ticket in 1 click for convenience and faster access for players who have a lot of tickets

What is the Battle Jackpot?

This is a quick run through on how the battle jackpot ecosystem works and how BOUNTYKINDS get their prize pool

The Jackpot Pool

The Jackpot Pool made out of the total amount of collected transaction fees from all players making YU claims in BOUNTYKINDS. To know what the community thinks, BOUNTYKINDS held a survey during the Alpha Phase of the game. The 3% transaction fee was decided based upon the player based decision

Use Jackpot Tickets to test your luck

The Jackpot Ticket is a non-NFT item needed to play the Battle Jackpot. Players can use this to play and draw the Battle Jackpot. If a player wins, they get to keep all the $YU points in the Battle Jackpot and if they lose then the ticket will just be consumed. Players can acquire Jackpot Tickets by playing the game modes found in BOUNTYKINDS.

Players can obtain tickets in the board game, by landing on slots and sometimes by defeating monsters. They can also obtain a ticket in the PvP mode by battling other players and defending in battles in the PvP mode. It’s important to note that players can hold 100 Jackpot Tickets at max and that it cannot be exceeded.

Play the battle jackpot now and get the chance to win the ever growing prize pool of YU points, play other game modes to obtain some lottery tickets so you get more chances to participate in the lottery .






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