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How To Play BOUNTYKINDS Board Game


The BOUNTYKINDS Board Game is one of the many game modes that players can participate upon embarking on their  journey in the BOUNTYKINDS world. In this game mode, players navigate through a 40-slot board, encountering traps, engaging in battles, and reaping rewards. This mode holds significant importance for players, serving as a crucial place for acquiring essential items and EXP (experience points). These resources are needed in enhancing and leveling up their Character NFTs. The interactive and unpredictable nature of the game mode contributes to an enjoyable gaming experience, appealing to both new and seasoned players.

How to Start Playing the Board Game

You are in the game using a BOUNTYKINDS ticket and connected to a WALLET. If you haven’t already, please refer to this How to start BOUNTYKINDS.
Here we will tell you how to start the BOUNTYKINDS board game and what the game is about.

1.  Enter BOUNTYKINDS and click on the MAP

Click on the MAP button that can be found in the middle of BOUNTYKINDS Main Menu.

2.  Assemble a Formation for the Board Game

Before players can enter the Board game mode, players must first set 3 character NFT’s that will be played inside the map, for this game mode players don’t need to worry about costs points because there is no limit so players can use any NFT with any rarity, after setting up the  formation you can click on confirm to finalize.

3. Play the map

Now you are ready to play MAP. Let’s roll the dice!

*When you play MAP at the beginning of the day, you will receive your MAP daily rewards (FFE points) here. Also. You receive an additional FFE point for each hour at the meter on the far left.

4.  Roll the Dice

Like most Board games players are required to roll a dice to move around the map.

5. Pay FFE point

To roll a dice players will need to spend Forbidden fruit energy (FFE) every roll, the FFE required to roll the dice will increase depending on the players progress in the map.

6. Conform the number that comes up

The number that the dice shows will be the number of steps a player’s NFTs will move around the board.

7. Proceed as many slots as you can get out and perform the events of the slot you stopped at

There are different slots scattered throughout the Board Game that can be both beneficial and challenging for players.These slots can be categorized into four: Bonus Slots, Battle Slots, Investment Slots, and Negative Slots.

To learn more about each slots and what specific slots do when landed, please check the Whitepaper.

8. Repeat steps 4 through 7, advancing 100 slots

When the number of steps reaches 100 or more, a Clear button will appear in the lower right corner. 100 or more steps will allow you to receive rewards earned in the MAP event. If you retire with less than 100 steps or in the middle of an event, you will forfeit all of your rewards.

9. Play the Board Game and claim the rewards!

Clicking on clear map will show you what you have earned and what rewards you are gonna get. Take note that a player can only clear and claim rewards in the MAP game mode 3 times per day which is showed on.

There is no limit to the number of steps or laps. However, as the number of laps increases, the number of FFE points for dice rolls increases. On the other hand, the value of the rewards you earn will increase.


Main screen of the board game

1: Account information
here the player can see their information like their account name, display picture, and their current account level and EXP

2: Resource
on the top middle part of the screen players can see their current resource that they earned throughout the run like BWP, YU points, and their FFE, the FFE count is live so what they see  is what the player currently has 

3: Hourly bonus
Here the player can claim FFE per hour, the hourly FFE only starts their countdown once the player claims the current bonus

4: Information
On the lower left corner of the players screen there are buttons there that can help the player interact with the map

  • Overview map- Gives the player information about the current situations in the map like where the player currently is or details of the slots that he landed on before 
  • Formation Players can go to this menu to change and adjust the current formation of the nft that they are playing on the map game mode
  • Item BackPack Here players can get access to their item backpack where they can use various items that can help them transverse the map

5: Action button
Here is the main action that the player can click when traveling on the board, the action button changes depending on what the current slot the player is stepping on, once the event of the slot is over, the action button will turn into the roll dice option 

6: Progress status
Under the action button the player can see the current status of the players progress of the map, rounds and steps reflect some mechanics in the map so the players must keep watch 

7: Clear/Retire
Depending on the current situation the player is in, they can decide to clear or retire from the map game mode

Clear Screen Details

1: Clear count
This shows the number of times you have clear the map today 

2: Rewards
This shows you the rewards that you have gathered trough out your current playthrough of the map

3: Cancel
If players choose to continue to play the map with their current progress they can cancel the clear screen by simply clicking on the cancel button

4: Clear map
If the player is satisfied with the current rewards that they collected they can click the clear map button to get of the rewards

Retire Screen Details

1: Current reward
This shows the player what they currently have and might lose when choosing to retire

2: Cancel
This can be the option for the player to cancel the retire if they decide to continue

3:Retire anyway
This option will end the current run of the map and the player will not get the rewards they have earned so far

Future of the Board Game

The Board Game is still under development as BOUNTYKINDS is still in its testing phase. The game developers envision the BOUNTYKINDS Board game to be much bigger than it is now, with thousands of interactive slots that are sure to bring lots of excitement, challenges, and rewards to players who will play the mode when it officially launches.


Playing the Board Game is one of the best ways for players to get to know BOUNTYKINDS. By playing this game mode, players can strengthen their Character NFTs through EXP, and gain items and tokens through the loot they accumulated. It is one of BOUNTYKINDS’ initial game modes, and it still has a lot to offer once the game officially launches. The BOUNTYKINDS MAP is expected to be developed to have a massive scale, which will include more interactive slots that players can definitely have fun interacting with.






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