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Were you able to join our last AMA with our partner Ozon Labs? For those who weren’t able to join, and to our international community who wished to join but weren’t able to keep up due to the AMA being in Japanese – here is a quick summary of what went down!

The BOUNTYKINDS Battle Arena is not the same as the Alpha Phase – it’s better

– In line with the return of the PvP Mode, several new features has been added to the game in order to address player concerns during the Alpha Phase. The biggest changes are in the fact that players now are unable to choose their opponents from a set, but will now be assigned a random rival based on the player’s User Level and Total Cost Point.

– Barrier and Barrier Penetration Functions are also new features added to the game. Players that has put up a Barrier can mitigate their BWP loss when they are in the Defensive Formation. Players can still earn when attacking other players who has a Barrier on. Barrier Penetration is a feature that will mostly come in handy for players in the higher ranks, where BWP earns and losses are more drastic. Using the Barrier Penetration is something players can proactively use to elevate their rank by ensuring another players BWP loss. This provides for more exciting and strategic gameplay.

– Barrier Points decides how many times a player can put up a Barrier. These points will be distributed to players as a rewards but players can also opt to purchase them. But for players who wants to consistently use Barriers, utilizing one of the newest feature, Battle Arena Pass, is heavily recommended. By staking Weapon NFTs, players get to earn more pints needed to set up Barriers. Alongside the Barrier Points, Challenge Points and Refresh Points are also newly added to the game mode. Challenge Points are used when fighting in the Battle Arena, and once players use up all of their points, they will have to use extra FFE in order to partake in battles. Refresh Points on the other hand, are used to change your current rival to another random player. This will be useful to players if they end up matching with a player that doesn’t bode well for them. Both Challenge Points and Refresh Points will be distributed to players daily, and the amount of points they can receive will be based off on the player’s User Level.

With these new changes and features, playing the Arena will hopefully provide a much more exciting gaming experience where players’ strategic skills will be put to the test. By alleviating the stress of players of having to worry about unreasonably losing BWP, players can engage in battle with other players in an environment where either are provided with the necessary avenues to build an advantage over each other.

The beating heart of BOUNTYKINDS will always be Contribute-to-Earn

Players are now unable to deregister from the Battle Arena once they register. Players can opt to not register if they choose not to, but players who register in the Arena will always be more likely to enjoy the benefits of Contribute-to-Earn since the act of registering and participating in the Battle Arena in itself is considered a major contribution. BOUNTYKINDS will always put emphasis in the “contribution” aspect, and will be willing to reward players who engage in activities that promotes the C2E core concept. A great example for this are the Bug Report Rewards. With the game currently reintroducing a newer version of the Battle Arena, BOUNTYKINDS will show appreciation to players who will submit bugs and glitches found along the way, as it is true to the spirit of Contribute-to-Earn.

BOUNTYKINDS will constantly try to work on the C2E implementation throughout various aspects of the game. Besides the current in-game C2E reward distribution system, and community rewards system through Zealy, BOUNTYKINDS is eyeing to add its C2E aspect to the marketplace during the game’s official launch. Proactively selling or purchasing NFTs from the marketplace will also be considered as contributions. BOUNTYKINDS is aiming to eventually have the marketplace have its own ranking system that will track a player’s contribution activity in providing liquidity into the game.

New Character NFT: Asterisk!

A new female robot of the Machine Tribe will be joining the BOUNTYKINDS Character NFT roster! With her unique passive, she will surely shock BOUNTYKINDS players with her formidable AOE attacks! More details about Asterisk, her skills, and her gameplay will be posted on Official BOUNTYKINDS platforms, so stay tuned! She will be one of the NFT characters that will be up for grabs from the Halloween GACHA!


BOUNTYKINDS will be holding a Halloween Event! A Halloween Sphere will be issued exclusively for this event! Halloween Spheres will contain a plethora of BOUNTYKINDS Characters ranging from our only RARE NFT Charlotte Quin, our most recently released Jehanne Darc, and even the newest machine Asterisk. In exchange for these spheres being so low, these rare Event Spheres will have a boosted drop rates for its NFTs.

But the biggest catch of this GACHA is that with a low drop rate, Halloween Exclusive versions of Character NFTs in line with Halloween will also be included! Rare Halloween theme designed versions of Demon Tribe NFTs such as Minion Devil and Shadow People Wanderer will be included as prizes players can attain from the Halloween Event GACHA! These Halloween exclusive NFTs will be possessing new part skills that have yet to be seen in the game!

These Halloween Exclusive NFTs can be used for Skill Synthesis to elevate your NFTs, or be used as is for actual battle and still contribute to any formation due to slightly boosted stats! There will only be a handful of these NFTs, and Halloween Spheres can only be opened for a limited period. This makes the Halloween Exclusive versions very valuable and is bound to be a worthy addition to any NFT collection!

Q&A with Mister Yu( @AdamO999999)

Q: Will there be other Exclusive Events like the Halloween Event for BOUNTYKINDS?

A: Yes there will be! Stay updated on our socials, especially around festive holidays!

Q: Will there be live events for BOUNTYKINDS?

A: That is something we are currently thinking about. Our significant collaborations with our partners such as Ozon Labs and our participation in the Tokyo Game Show through the Bounty Hunters booth made us aware of the demand from our current community to hold live events. We plan on holding them once we have finished furnishing out the game, hopefully around the time mobile development is near completion.

Q: What is the most significant change in the Battle Arena?

A: Players have the choice whether they or not they want to register for the Arena. And the new system is eyeing to implement a way where players cannot battle the same opponent consecutively. By having many players register in the Arena and strategically using Barrier functions, players can have a plethora of opponents to choose from while not having to worry about being attacked by the same player multiple times.

Q: Will there be new enemy characters and boss battles?

A: Yes! There will be! If anything, BOUNTYKINDS is also currently working on a PvE game mode where players can fight new and more exciting boss battles – and that is something we hope players can look forward to!

Q: When can we use other Yellow Weapon Spheres?

A: Yellow Weapon Spheres, which contains new and unreleased weapons, will be accesible in the game once the necessary adjustments for the BATTLE Arena has been addressed.

Q: How can you get the new points such as Barrier Points, Refresh Points, and Challenge Points?

A: Players can earn more Barrier Points by staking their Weapon NFTs through the BATTLE Arena Pass. As for Refresh Points and Challenge Points, they will be distributed as rewards. These amount of rewards that will be up for distribution will be based on the player’s User Level.

Q: Will the new strong characters diminish the value of other characters?

A: BOUNTYKINDS aims to create characters that will come in handy on very specific situations. Fundamentally, no character in BOUNTYKINDS will be overpowered – all characters will excel at something in particular, perhaps in offensive or defensive capabilities, but will always be tuned in a way that promotes balanced gaming.

Q: Will the BOUNTYKINDS Board Game Map be bigger?

A: The BOUNTYKINDS Map is currently in its testing phase, hence the miniature scale. But the final version of the game mode will be this massive board with more than 10,000 slots. Each slot can be sold as an NFT, and can eventually be run and governed by players as their own. Even though most players might have some qualms about the recent slot, Jail, these actually serve a big role for the Map Mode. The bail fees for the Jail are all accumulated in a different slot called Auction, which will eventually grant players to earn rewards based on their staked YU. There is a lot to look forward to for the board game.

Details on the improved BATTLE ARENA, upcoming events, newly added features will all be announced on our major platforms. Latest game details will be updated on the BOUNTYKINDS Official Whitepaper. While announcements regarding the Halloween Event and new character Asterisk will be posted soon on our socials! Thanks for tuning in on our AMA with our dear partner, Ozon Labs! See you guys soon!






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