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Getting your NFTs from the GACHA

Obtain a character NFT from GACHA to use in the game.


The BOUNTYKINDS GACHA is a system that works on both probability and chance. There are many ways to acquire NFTs such as buying them from the Marketplace. But one of the most exciting ways to get unique NFTs is by using the various Sphere NFTs of the game on the GACHA!

The BOUNTYKINDS GACHA is where players can obtain Characters or Weapon NFTs from the game’s wide selection. Read this article and find out how to open and obtain NFTs through opening spheres in the BOUNTYKINDS GACHA!

Getting your BOUNTYKINDS NFTs from the GACHA

1.Click on the GACHA option

Players can visit the official website and connect their Smart Wallets at

Click on the GACHA option found on the upper part of the website

2.Connect Smart Wallet

Press the Connect Wallet button in the upper right corner or each GACHA button. You will then be asked to connect to your wallet. Connect to the Wallet of the account that contains the BOUNTYKINDS Sphere.

3.Choose whether to roll for a Character NFT or Weapon NFT Sphere

Depending on the type of sphere you have, there are different GACHA locations to choose from.

Bottom left: Character Sphere GACHA
Top center: Arche Sphere GACHA
Lower right: Weapon Sphere GACHA

In addition, spheres of a rarity that are not currently released cannot be GACHA.

4.Select the sphere to use for the GACHA

For this blog, BOUNTYKINDS will be opening a Character Sphere.

Click on the “GAME CHARACTER” button on the far left to see how many spheres you have. Player select the Sphere they want to open and click on SELECT to proceed with opening the GACHA.

5.Check which NFT you will get

After selecting the sphere, select OK and watch the sphere undergo the GACHA, and wait in excitement for the NFT.

6.Wallet authorization and gas bill payment

You pay the Gas fee (BNB) to MINT the NFT to your Wallet with your connected Wallet.

7.NFT will be minted to your account.

The character NFT was Minted on this account. This time, the character rarity is Common.

8.Select your Unclaim NFT

From the character page of the player’s administration (, select ”Unclaim” NFT.

*You must be connected to Wallet to see this screen.

9.Claim Unclaim NFT

Click on CLAIM from the NFT Page to transfer the NFT into the game. Take note on the transaction fees that will be required for opening the spheres in the GACHA and claiming NFTs.

*Players need to claim UNCLAIMED NFTs in order to use them in game.

It is now possible to GACHA a character Sphere and obtain a character NFT!

About Sphere to GACHA

*Types of spheres
It’s important to note that Spheres have different colors for the rarity they represent, along with the probability of the summon. To learn more, please refer to the white paper (
These probabilities apply to both Character and Weapon Spheres when the game officially launches.

**GACHA rates during the test period
As a bonus early players of BOUNTYKINDS during the Alpha and Beta Test Phase of BOUNTYKINDS.
To know the improved probability rates for both Blue and Yellow Spheres, refer to the table below:


The BOUNTYKINDS Gacha is a great way to obtain new Character or Weapon NFTs. That is because the excitement and uncertainty when it comes from what NFT a player might get is endless. Collect Spheres, open them in the GACHA, wait for the NFT to be revealed, and pay the necessary transaction fees to claim the newly opened NFT. Aim to create the perfect line up of NFTs by opening spheres from the GACHA!






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