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We are looking for STICKERS to be used within the official BOUNTYKINDS Discord server! Create a Stickers with your favorite character or characters that appear in BOUNTYKINDS. Let’s have fun together by making Stickers with your favorite characters from BOUNTYKINDS and looking at everyone’s creations!

Details of Stickers campaign

There is no limit to the number of submissions. There is no limit to the number of submissions. You may draw your own illustrations or use an image-generating AI tool. Please include the “tool used” and “spell-prompt” with your submission if you would like. If you include text, please be sure to put it in English.

Campaign Period

February 22, 2024 4AM (UTC) until February 28, 2024 4AM (UTC)

Prizes for winners.

🎁Sticker adopters: Arche Sphere (several winners) x2
🎁Sticker applicants: Character fragment (top 5 who get the most likes)

We will give away an Arche Sphere to the winner of the Stickers and character fragments to the top 5 applicants with the most ❤️ !

About the judging

The number of Stickers to be used will be determined at the sole discretion of the management. The number of Stickers to be selected has not yet been determined. If you apply only with X, you will not be considered for selection. Please make sure to apply on Discord.

Rules for Discord postings

Submission standards

Image size: 320 x 320 pixels File format: PNG File size:512KB or less

About other social media posts

You can also post it in X if you like.
If you post on X, please use the hashtag #BOUNTYKINDS #BOUNTYKINDS_ART
Engagement will also be considered for evaluation.

Regarding materials to be used and illustrations to be used as references

You may use the BOUNTYKINDS logo and character materials. You may use any BOUNTYKINDS material you like, as your participation in this campaign falls under the category of personal use. If you wish to use materials other than BOUNTYKINDS materials, please check the rights of the source of the materials and obtain permission before using them.

Prohibited items

Combining materials from other companies’ contents.
Any expression that denigrates or criticizes other contents.
Any material that is offensive to public order and morals.

We are planning to hold more events to solicit Stickers in the future.

You too can take part in this campaign by processing BOUNTYKINDS NFT illustrations! Also, support the stamps you like ❤️ by liking them! You will win great prizes.






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