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BUG REPORT BOUNTY beta test 1st season

blockchain game event with a chance to win NFT if you report a bug.


Thank you for all the bug reports in the beta test 1st version. We appreciate your pointing out areas that the management did not notice. We value every bug report submitted by our community during the Beta test 1st version Phase! And, we are thrilled to make this special announcement.

Here, points are weighted and tallied for users who report particularly valid bugs. This is not a simple ranking of the number of reports. Also, if a post is not in line with a support report or lulu, it is not included in the tally.

Who presents get the prizes?

The winners are the 10 people addressed in the table.
All those who report during the period will also receive an in-game item!

We are very grateful for the support.

✅ Submitted a bug report in our Discord server during the Beta test 1st Phase!
✅ The qualified report should have a significant impact on the game’s economy or overall gameplay.
✅ And, should have provided their correct wallet addresses for them to receive their prizes.

Please check the Discord for announcements on who is eligible!

Prize of BOUNTYKINDS Bug Report

Prizes include a wide variety of items that can be used in the game

1stYellow character Sphere × 1
2ndArche Sphere × 5
3rdArche Sphere × 3
4th-5thGet out jail fragment × 10
6th-10thBattle Jackpot Lottery ticket × 30
All other BUG reportsCommon EXP × 2

The prizes will be distributed after the beta test 2nd version starts!
This is our way of showing appreciation to everyone for their vigilance, and we hope that everyone will continue to support and contribute in the future!🚀

BOUNTYKINDS is a Web3 gaming project set in a gaming universe where players can earn by contributing in the game’s world building.

The BOUNTYKINDS universe is going to be dictated by this unique achievement system where all contributions to the game would be quantified and scaled to a number. This number will decide the intricate reward values that come with playing the game. This reward will also be distributed to contributing players based on the BOUNTYKINDS philosophy. Thanks and rewards will also be distributed to players who report back to us.
Next, we are entering the beta phase!
Please continue to help us make BOUNTYKINDS a sustainable and great blockchain game!






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