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Whitelist Sale Event


Those who will be lucky enough to be included in our exclusive whitelist can enjoy purchasing game necessities such Alpha Tickets and Blue Spheres will be able to purchase in a bargain. Yellow Spheres which will also finally be available to the public during this sale. By throwing these Yellow Spheres in the GACHA, players can get the chance to get a RARE NFT – NFTs that are higher rarity than those of UNCOMMON!

Whitelist Event schedules

People who will be able to join this whitelist can get access to newly released NFTs such as the Yellow sphere, which will finally be available during this sale!

Whitelisting period: May 19, 2023 – May 29, 2023

A Zealy quest will be available during this period for those who want to join this whitelist! BOUNTYKINDS players who racked up significant Board game clears and victories in the PvP mode during this period will be viable for the whitelist! There will also be other events that people can join to get added into this whitelist!

Whitelist qualifiers announcement : May 31

We will be doing the raffle and announce those who will be lucky enough to join the prestigious BOUNTYKINDS whitelist sale!

Whitelist Sale : June 5, 2023 – June 19, 2023

*A special page will be set up for the Whitelist sale.

Guidelines for this Whitelist Event!

1) Through grinding BOUNTYKINDS games

Existing players can also join the whitelist simply by playing the game! Game data starting from time of whitelisting will be collected and players with the most number of victories in the PVP mode and the top players with the most number of Board Game clears during the period of 5/19-5/29 will be selected to partake in the whitelist! (To clarify, this will be the basis for consideration and multiple people will be chosen for the whitelist via this method)

2) Through our ZEALY Quest

Join our Zealy community and earn a chance to join our whitelist by clearing as many quests as they can during this period. In order to be considered for the whitelist, players must also clear the simple exclusive quest of inputting your wallet address. Anyone can join our ZEALY community so for existing players and new players alike, this will be your best bet! (

Note: The Exclusive Quest where you have to attach your wallet address is one of the many required quests for this event, if not cleared you will not be eligible to be included in the Whitelist!

3) Through Giveaways

There will be other multiple methods in joining this whitelist such as through raffles from online events (Collaborations and partnership giveaways) that will be held during the duration of the whitelist period to provide avenues for new and interested people who have yet to discover BOUNTYKINDS.

We will be holding multiple in-game events and will have a bang with an exclusive Whitelist Sale that will include Yellow Spheres! Stay posted on our socials because we are sure to drop other exciting announcements in the coming days!






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