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Shadow People Wanderer (New Character NFT!)BOUNTY Event


The Shadow People Wanderer BOUNTY Event is to celebrate the addition of the newest UNCOMMON Character NFT, Shadow People Wanderer.

New Character NFT Event Summary

✅This event will revolve around how many number of victories a BOUNTYKINDS players can win against the Shadow People Wanderer NFTs.
✅Depending on which class of Shadow People Wanderer a player encounters, they can either win a Shadow People Wanderer NFT or a raffle ticket to win this Character NFT at the end of the event.

Event Period

24th of May, 2023 at 3 AM UTC until the 31st of May at 10 AM UTC.

Mechanics for the Shadow Wanderer People (New Character NFT) BOUNTY Event

✅The Shadow People Wanderer Event would be a PvP Arena exclusive event. Meaning, if players want to participate in the event they have to be registered and fight inside the PvP Arena.

✅This event will revolve around how many number of victories a BOUNTYKINDS players can win against the Shadow People Wanderer NFTs.

✅BOUNTYKINDS players that successfully defeat Shadow People Wanderer in the Battle Arena can get the chance to own Shadow People Wanderer through battling and a raffle after the event.

ClassDetailsVictory Point
EspadaParty Level: Level 75NFT Reward
Royal GuardParty Level: Level 60lottery ticket × 1
KnightParty Level: Level 45lottery ticket × 1
TrainerParty Level: Level 25lottery ticket × 1

*The rewards for the Shadow Wanderer People BOUNTY Event will be decided via raffle. For players to be included in the raffle, they must defeat any of the three classes of Shadow Wanderer People and obtain a raffle ticket.

✅Go to Twitter and share your encounters using the hashtag #BOUNTYKINDS and clear our Zealy quests so we can check our logs for your encounter for the raffle event!

Rewards and Winners for the BOUNTY Event

🏆Winning against an Espada Class, guarantees a player that defeats it with a Shadow Wanderer People NFT that will be distributed once the event concludes.

🏆BOUNTYKINDS will select via raffle, three winners to obtain Shadow Wanderer People as an NFT per class after the event, with the exception of the Espada Class.

🏆Along with the raffle of the Shadow Wanderer People NFT in the Battle Arena, two winners from the player database and one winner from our Zealy submission quests will also be selected via raffle to win a Shadow Wanderer People NFT.

Enjoy Bounty Shadow People Wanderer (New Character NFT)!

Shadow People Wanderer NFTs that players will face inside the Arena have different levels of strength for this event, that’s why BOUNTYKINDS players should be careful and must strategize wisely to ensure victory against them.

A lot more surprises are in store for all the Alpha Test players! Have fun with the first in-game event so good luck and have fun!






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