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Here is the English summary of our AMA last July 27th, the final AMA before the #BOUNTYKINDS Alpha Phase came to a close! This is geared for those who weren’t able to attend the AMA and for our international community who wants to catch up on recent announcements from our devs and game creator Mister Yu( @AdamO999999)

:memo: Thank you for joining our Alpha Testing Phase! 

Looking back on the progress of the Alpha Phase, Mister Yu expressed his gratitude to all the players who participated during these crucial initial stages and hopes to receive the same amount of love during the Beta Test. He is looking forward to the response of the community to the further developments which will be added in the coming phases.

:memo: Rewards awaiting at the end of the Alpha Phase 

The Dominion Ranking rewards for the first season of BOUNTYKINDS are quite prestigious, with the 1st place in the rankings winning up to 10,000 $YU as the grand prize. This, along with the bug report rewards which will be awarded to all the players who have helped steer the game in a positive direction, are a gesture of our appreciation to the support BOUNTYKINDS got throughout the season.

Our governance token has also been made public as one of the rewards for our seasonal Dominion Rankings. Although the token has not been listed anywhere yet and has only been distributed as in-game points, having it as an available asset for players is a key step to solidifying the structure of our unique token system.

:memo: Great changes are on the way for the Beta Phase 

There will be various and exciting improvements coming in the Beta Phase that the players will surely enjoy such as Quality-of-life changes. Adjustments will also be implemented in the Board Game, adding new slots for a more engaging gameplay, making the MAP mode a viable option for players when it comes to BWP earning.

Awaited changes are also expected for the PvP ARENA, as we are looking to improve the matchmaking algorithm for more balanced matchmaking between players. Mister YU expressed his excitement on the launch of the BATTLE JACKPOT. Players who can acquire more tickets through playing the PvP mode can have a higher chance of winning the accumulated Jackpot pool.

A good portion of these changes are to be made based on the feedback we got from the Alpha Phase, and Mister Yu reiterates his joy from the engagement we got from the community with the bug reports. He is eyeing to keep the reward system for the Beta Phase to further encourage rapport within the community.

:memo:  BOUNTYKINDS and the importance of sustainability 

Mister Yu brushed on the role of BOUNTYKINDS as a blockchain game and how it intends to navigate the blockchain development space. He also emphasized on the sustainability of BOUNTYKINDS as a game with its unique mutlimodal gaming format, adding how the development of future projects such as the mobile app and the Move-to-Earn mechanic can heavily contribute to this. Mister Yu ended the AMA in a positive note by saying how he envisions the project to become a platform that can spread the potential of blockchain technology as a DAO and as a gaming project.


We hope to see everyone during our Beta Phase and please stay tuned for further updates on BOUNTYKINDS by joining our various social media platforms! :sparkles:






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