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BOUNTYKINDS 1st AMA for 2024


BOUNTYKINDS will be holding the first AMA of 2024 with our Game Creator and Game Director, Mister YU (@AdamO999999)and YUTA(@schna_ym)! The main topic will be regarding the developments and reinforcements with the BOUNTYKINDS finance team!

The BOUNTYKINDS WORLD DAO coming into shape

As of current, the two major tokens maintaining the BOUNTYKINDS ecosystem are $YU and $FFE. Both holders and players calculate the rates of these tokens and take them into consideration when purchasing, but these sometimes prove to be difficult due to the fluctuant nature of crypto. A new system, the Trident System will be set in place to more efficiently regulate the BOUNTYKINDS token ecosystem.

The Trident System

The Trident System will ensure the regulation of the earning rates for $YU in a way that is beneficial for everyone who wishes to hold our tokens. This is done through the implementation of the BOUNTYKINDS Finance team. The Finance team is in charge of the integral part in the Trident System that helps regulate $FFE tokens based on the fluctuation of the $YU token. The main task of the Finance team is the market making for $FFE tokens. The Finance team will circulate earned collected tokens from our energy token.

How the Trident System was introduced.

Before the release of the Trident System, players might have had a common thought that the collected $FFE must have been directly allocated for $YU buyback, but that is not necessarily the case. The Finance team utilizes a Defi model that regulates the FFE earnings through lending and insurance funding from exchanges. These are then eventually alloted to $YU buyback. The current amount collected from the market making of FFE now stands at 460,000 USD, which is pretty high for a game of our caliber given that it is still at its testing phase. Besides managing this $YU buyback, maintaining the floor prices of the marketplace is also one of the key tasks of the Finance team. These are key components when explaining the relative connection of the primary tokens and how they circulate within the token ecosystem.

Returns to BOUNTYKINDS Game players

The more users BOUNTYKINDS has, the higher the usage of $FFE will be since it is an in-game necessity. Players will be more willing to purchase FFE since it will be more beneficial in earning higher rewards the more they play the game. More $FFE consumption means more earnings can be collected through the market making, which alludes to higher capital for BOUNTYKINDS. By average 30-35,000 USD is garnered from FFE consumptions, despite our still relatively low active user count. That means that the potential for higher capital exponentially increases the more players start playing the game, which also means the more efficient $YU buyback will be. All tokens used for this buyback will be burned.


YU token will also play a key role in the BOUNTYKINDS WORLD DAO system. YU holders can exercise their rights in making proposals for the game using the governance token, because in order to obtain these governance tokens, it is a requirement to hold $YU. Because of this system in place, YU token holders with our governance tokens can literally have a say in the way the game will progress, and act as actual governors, which makes for an exciting approach to our game. Due to this nature of our DAO system, game related factors such as animation and character designs can all also be decided through the BOUNTYKINDS WORLD DAO system. They can be decided either through competitions or by exercising voting rights. By fully realizing the BOUNTYKINDS WORLD DAO, not only will the game itself be bigger, but so will the financial system surrounding it be.

The complete implementation of the Trident System

The complete implementation of the Trident System will only be done once our governance token, $BKWD is fully incited into the system. BKWD will eventually be launched on major CEX platforms within the year, given that we clear the requirement that the BOUNTYKINDS community remains strong and active. By ensuring that both the management and the community maintain a united stance as development progresses, Mister YU believes that the formation of the DAO system will provide better results for the project. He also pointed out that the majority of DAOs that fail to leave a mark is due to low community engagement, which he deems will be the main focal point of BOUNTYKINDS DAO moving forward.

Details on the implementation and progress of the Trident System will be released gradually on BOUNTYKINDS official social media platforms.

Updates to Land Development

The Land of Darkness has been a staple for many players who wish to stake their NFTs, send them off to expeditions, and obtain rewards. The number of slots for staking in the Land of Darkness has been increased to 55 from its default 50. Going forward, Land Development slots will increase its number of staking slots by 5 for every 500 NFTs staked to explore the BOUNTYKINDS lands.

The Land of Darkness might seem to be the most optimal choice for NFT staking since players can obtain sphere fragments, but we are planning to emphasize more on the specific rewards players can obtain from each area. Going forward, each area will be leaning towards certain rewards such YU points, FFE points, or other key in-game items based on the staked NFTs rarity. We hope that players will choose to stake their NFTs in Lands that will bestow them the rewards they choose to obtain. Details on these will be posted on our socials, so stay updated for more efficient Land Development staking.


Q: Same players keep on staking the same NFTs shortly after they return from expeditions in Land Development. Are there any plans to remedy this to allow for other players to secure slots in the areas they want?

A: We still can’t say when it will be implemented, but the devs are currently working on a way to make players unable to stake the same NFTs in the same Land consecutively to prevent players from monopolizing the same slots.

Q: Will items in the in-game shop be replenished periodically?

A: Not necessarily periodically, but the in-game shop items will be replenished every now and then. Not only will the items be replenished once they are depleted, new items will also be featured and added into the shop once released.

Q: How will communications and announcements on the DAO be relayed to the BOUNTYKINDS community? Also, it would be nice if we could also know even just the season in which the DAO will officially launch along with the Trident System.

A: They will be made on our official Discord Server. We would highly appreciate it if the community would be as active as they can on the platform. As for the launch of the Trident System, we can’t really disclose any dates because of our entanglement with the CEX. It would also mean disclosing the launch date of our governance token. Hopefully, within the year? But we can’t really say much.

Q: How is the development of the mobile app turning out? Is there a set release date?

A: We are eyeing a release this 2024. Also, there is a possiblity for there to be several BOUNTYKINDS app launches. We have a lot in store for our players this year that the playerbase will definitely enjoy, so please look forward to them.

Q: I tried playing the game on my mobile browser yesterday and it was very heavy on my phone. Will the app be the same once it launches?

A: The team is currently developing the app separately from its browser version so there are no worries for the app being heavy on the mobile app version. Although it is possible to play BOUNTYKINDS on a mobile browser, it is not optimal since the current game is geared for web browser gaming and will be significantly heavier when played on a your phone as is.

Q: I am a beginner and I only have the 3 initial NFT characters when playing. Is there a way I can efficiently gain more characters while playing the game without having to resort to buying Characters or Spheres?

A: Players can earn Sphere fragments from playing the various BOUNTYKINDS game modes such as the Board Game and PvP Mode. Buy collecting 10 of these fragments and crafting them, players can create a Character Sphere which they can use in the GACHA to obtain their own Character NFTs. Zealy is another great option for players who are willing to put in the time and effort to obtain their own Characters since there are quests in our Zealy community that rewards players with Blue and Yellow Spheres! Players have multiple ways of obtaining spheres besides these too such as by joining the many events we hold such as in-game events or these AMAs!

We highly suggest purchasing NFTs now though since they are pretty affordable on the marketplace and it will also make earning more efficient since each BOUNTYKINDS NFT is unique and exclusive to the game.

Q: Will BOUNTYKINDS be adding moderators to the Discord Server in line with the game’s official release?

A: We will! Our Discord Server is currently undergoing some changes that will further keep the community more engaged and hyped for the official launch.

Q: When will the Move-to-Earn platform for BOUNTYKINDS be released?

A: This is one of the mobile apps that we are eyeing to launch within this year. The M2E app will put more emphasis on carbon footprint reduction rather than fitness. This is in line with BOUNTYKINDS’s story, because BOUNTYKINDS is set in a distant future where the planet is ravaged by harsh climate change and environmental destruction. We are developing the app with the intent that it will promote a positive message that we need to take care of our planet now, in order to not befall the same fate as the one of the Earth’s state in BOUNTYKINDS.

We responded to comments thrown at us during Live at the AMA. Event Spheres were distributed to those who asked questions as a reward!
Thank you for your continued support of BOUNTYKINDS!






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