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Were you able to join our last AMA with our partner Ozon Labs? For those who weren’t able to join, and to our international community who wished to join but weren’t able to because the AMA was in Japanese, here is the summary of what was talked about in the AMA!

Looking back on the Halloween Event 

The Halloween Event has successfully concluded with all 250 Halloween Spheres being sold out by the end of the sale. There were apprehensions since the Halloween Sale was an in-game sale and people who wanted to buy needed to activate a Beta Ticket in order to be able to make purchases, so we were enthralled with the sale going so well. Since 250 Halloween Spheres were up for 160 YU, the sale was able to garner a total of 40,000 $YU, which amounts to roughly 60,000 USD (with the token prices the same around the time the sale started). We will be burning all these sales.

Going forward, there will be a shift in BOUNTYKINDS where the amount of $YU burned from event sales will exceed the amount of $YU being distributed for Contribute-to-Earn rewards. This will help keep and regulate the token’s value. Some players may have some concerns with the slight drop in the $YU token, but this is all within expectations. Mister YU implored for the community to remember that BOUNTYKINDS is run by a triple token system. At the moment, only two tokens are facilitating the ecosystem, so these burning mechanisms help in maintaining the token balance. Mister YU is confident that when the governance token, $BKWD enters the fray, only then will BOUNTYKINDS really reach the full potential of its triple token ecosystem.

Christmas is here!

BOUNTYKINDS is back with a new event for the community to celebrate the festive season! BOUNTYKINDS will be holding multiple events, such as a Staking Event where players can win a Christmas-Exclusive Sphere from the get-go. By staking $YU tokens, players will be able to win Christmas Spheres immediately. Christmas Exclusive versions of existing NFTs can be obtainable from these Spheres, along with rare NFTs such as Charlotte Quin, and other assets such as Weapon and item NFTs. Players can win more Christmas Spheres based on the amount of $YU they will stake, and the length of staking period they will choose. 

Mister YU explained that this staking event is separate from the Liquidity Supply Staking Event that is also simultaneously active on Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Players are free to enjoy both staking events and reap the amazing rewards they can win by joining. Take note that unlike normal staking events, the Christmas Staking Event guarantees rewards the moment players staked their tokens, unlike those that only grants the rewards once the staking period has finished.

Besides the Staking Event, more events are lined up for the holiday season such as MAP exclusive events. For this event, players who are able to make the most rounds on the MAP can earn special rewards. Details on this event will be posted on official BOUNTYKINDS platforms, so stay updated on recent developments.

New Character NFT : Aucloe!

Aucloe will charge into battle and join the BOUNTYKINDS Character roster starting December 5, 2023. With her unique passive that allows her gift of foresight to dodge enemy attacks with ease, she can serve as a decent tank for players who need defenses for their formation! Take note that she will only be obtainable from Yellow Spheres, so please be wary when trying to aim her from the GACHA.

New Team Member joins the fray!

A fresh addition will be joining BOUNTYKINDS. Yuta Matsubayashi, has joined the team as the project’s Game Director moving forward. Although he is new to the field of Blockchain and NFT gaming, his prowess in Esports and gaming is bound to be a valuable asset to the team. Mister YU is looking forward to how the game can progress with our new game director, emphasizing how Yuta’s keen sense in gaming management will be a key factor in elevating the overall gaming quality of BOUNTYKINDS in-game, and the many gaming events it has in stall for its community. 

Thank you very much Yuta! As we welcome you to the team, we are looking forward to how BOUNTYKINDS can evolve!

BOUNTYKINDS is undergoing changes for the better

With the addition of a new game director, BOUNTYKINDS eyes to proactively make more strides in refining its current features and adding new ones that will raise the quality of the game overall. Among these, Mister Yu explained the significance of the crafting system and how it can provide more depth and strategy to its players. 

For example, through the crafting system, players can create new and more powerful items or Characters using those from their inventories. Because of this feature, no item or character in BOUNTYKINDS is without value. Every item or Character NFT can be used to create more powerful and useful assets that the player can use to move forward when playing the game. This does not limit to common items, but even to event exclusive NFTs such as Halloween Exclusive NFTs. Halloween Exclusive NFTs from this year can be used for crafting with Halloween Exclusive NFTs from next year’s event to make more powerful NFTs. This doesn’t just make crafting more exciting, but this also raises every item and NFT in the game significantly and makes collecting assets in itself something players can enjoy as well.

BOUNTYKINDS is a project that will culminate with multiple games being regulated using its unique triple token system. With Yuta joining the team, BOUNTYKINDS eyes to make leaps with the development of its other game modes such as its First Person Shooter Modes and Multiplayer PvP modes – and eventually, branch out to implement E-sports aspects to the project, which isn’t commonly yet seen in the field of Blockchain gaming.

Q&A from the Comment Section

Mister YU and Yuta tackled questions from the community that were brought up during the AMA!

Q: Is there any update on the Mobile App Development for BOUNTYKINDS?

A: The BOUNTYKINDS App is still under development. With Yuta joining the team, it is very assuring. His experience with Mobile App Development is definitely helping out the entire process.

Q: With the end of the Halloween Event and the Christmas Event on its way, is it possible that there will be a Valentine’s Event?

A: We cannot make any promises about a Valentine’s Event, but we are working on implementing more events for the community. One of these are raid battles. It is an event where players will work together to defeat a common boss, and will split the rewards after a successful raid. We can’t guarantee for sure for a Valentine’s Day event, but we will do our best to hold timely events.

Q: When will Weapon Spheres be available again?

A: At the moment, weapons are still sold out.  Luckily, UNCOMMON Weapon NFTs will be obtainable from the Christmas Spheres, so for those who are in need of weapons, we hope they make a go for it. As for when Weapon NFTs will once again be obtainable, the dev team is currently working on making the necessary balance changes to these weapons. Previously, Weapon NFTs gave a percentage stat buff to the holders, but we are thinking of making it a fixed stat buff instead. This is to change the way Weapon NFTs are used since equipping weapons to low level NFTs does not make a significant difference if it gives a percentage stat buff.

Q: How will BOUNTYKINDS implement E-Sports into its system? Will the E-Sports scene of the project be centered in Japan?

A: The current BOUNTYKINDS community is mostly Japanese and we are thankful since Japanese players really help us out with debugging and are able to give constructive criticism, which we feel stems from Japan being a country blessed with a very game-centric culture. As for the E-Sports facet, we have partners who own gaming licenses which will allow us to facilitate E-Sports activities for BOUNTYKINDS seamlessly. Regardless, the BOUNTYKINDS E-Sports will be geared towards everyone in the gaming and blockchain community.

Q: Does BOUNTYKINDS plan on making more partnerships with other projects in the future?

A: BOUNTYKINDS will be more than glad to make meaningful connections with projects that will be beneficial for the project’s growth. This means that we will also be more than willing to make partnerships with projects outside of the blockchain field too if it means that it will elevate the standards of all involved projects. Please look forward to more partnerships and collaborations in the future!

We hope our recent AMA was able to address some of the questions and concerns you had! Stay updated on the latest updates on BOUNTYKINDS by following us on our socials. There is a lot to look forward to and there will be tons of updates because of the many events lined up for the Christmas holidays. Till next time!






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