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Crypto Hustle x BOUNTYKINDS held a collaborative AMA.


Crypto Hustle and BOUNTYKINDS held an AMA together in celebration of our partnership with
Crypto Hustle is a major crypto platform engaged in spreading educational blockchain and Web3 content in the Middle East and South East Asian regions. BOUNTYKINDS introduced the game to almost 600 active listeners in the Twitter/X Space during the Ask-Me-Anything session with Crypto Hustle’s Host, Solomon.

Here is a summary of the topics and questions that were discussed during the AMA.

Game Introduction for the Community

As a Blockchain game Project Info
BOUNTYKINDS discussed how the project was made through the Game Creator, Mister Yu’s vision in wanting to develop a game that is fun to play for everyone. The listeners were also given details of the project’s status now that the game has finished its Alpha Phase and is currently the Beta Phase.

C2E and the Triple Token System

BOUNTYKINDS introduce our unique Contribute-To-Earn(C2E) ecosystem and how its players can earn through contributions. The contributions can range from simply playing the game, buying BOUNTYKINDS NFTs, or engaging with the community. Gaming contributions are quantified into Bounty World Points, or more commonly called BWP in game. The BOUNTYKINDS token-system is kept sustainable with the use of three unique tokens: $BKWD (Governance Token), $YU (Utility Token), $FFE (Energy Token).

The $BKWD is yet to be listed anywhere and was distributed to the top players as previous seasonal rewards. Eventually, $BKWD holders can have privileges in the project’s development and the token will be used in regulating the DAO.
The $YU is listed in major cryptocurrency platforms such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap. $YU can be used to purchase items in the BOUNTYKINDS Marketplace. Players can earn YU points by playing the game and these could be converted into $YU by claiming them. The ratio for $YU and YU points is 1:1.
$FFE, short for Forbidden Fruit Energy, is the energy token needed to play the project’s different game modes. This token can be charged to FFE points at a ratio of 1:1. You need FFE points in order to start playing BOUNTYKINDS. FFE points can also be acquired by playing the game and or receive them as rewards for free.


BOUNTYKINDS talked about the Board Game, PvP Mode, and the Battle Jackpot. The Board Game and Battle Jackpot (recently added during the start of the Beta Phase) are currently playable game modes while the PvP Mode will be making its return soon.
The Board Game is a 40-slot game, similar to Monopoly but with a BOUNTYKINDS spin to it. Players roll the dice, with the use of FFE points, to explore various slots in hopes to obtain EXP for their Character NFTs. New and interactive slots have been added and more are expected to be implemented as the game development progresses.
The Battle Jackpot is a game mode recently added during the start if the Beta Testing Phase. It is a lottery game native to BOUNTYKINDS where players have a chance to win the $YU points amassed into the jackpot pool from player transaction fees. Lottery Tickets needed to draw for the jackpot are obtainable from the Board Game and eventually the PvP Mode.
The PvP Arena is an engaging turn based battle mode where players battle against other BOUNTYKINDS players. Players can test their NFT’s strength and strategic skills with their formations. It’s a game mode where players can either earn or lose lots of BWP depending on the outcome of their battles. This game mode is currently unavailable but is set to be playable soon.


The concept of C2E is supported by the Dominion Rankings system based on their BWP. BOUNTYKINDS is structured in a way where players can boost their rank by gaining more BWP. Players in higher ranks have more chances of earning better rewards.
YU point earnings per day are also based on BWP gains. C2E is set in place as a framework for how rewards will be distributed so that players can receive rewards that are proportional to their daily BWP earnings. A pool system is implemented in C2E, which decides how rewards are distributed per rank.


BOUNTYKINDS is currently working on polishing its existing game modes while moving forward with its roadmap. The development of the mobile version of the game is under the works in order to make BOUNTYKINDS more accessible to a wider audience. BOUNTYKINDS’ own unique take on several game modes such as Move-To-Earn, First Person Shooter (FPS), and other popular game modes are also to be added to the project.

Connecting with the Community

BOUNTYKINDS takes initiative in its community building. True to its concept of Contribute-to-Earn, BOUNTYKINDS holds lots of events for its playerbase. Players are also able to gain rewards through bug report bounties on Discord and by participating in Zealy quests. The team believes these are all important steps in building the BOUNTYKINDS World DAO.

Q&A with the CryptoHustle Community

After explaining the project details of BOUNTYKINDS, a Q&A segment was held with listeners of the X Space. Here were some of the questions picked up during the session and answered by the BOUNTYKINDS Team:

(from host @__) I checked out the whitepaper and found BOUNTYKINDS NFTs really intriguing, I particularly found Humanoids quite interesting! Can you share more?

BOUNTYKINDS Character NFTs are playable characters needed to play the project and its game modes. Particularly Humanoids, are made from the DNA of past heroes of history. This is why some of them might sound familiar to our players. During the Alpha Phase, Humanoids were lackluster in comparison to other tribes due to their low base stats. They only started to be appreciated after the introduction of Weapon NFTs late into the Alpha Phase. The Humanoids’ unique passive of having multiple weapon slots were recognized and became fan favorites inevitably. A lot of thought goes into the creation of BOUNTYKINDS NFTs. They are crafted in a way that each NFT will have value within the game in some way shape or form.

How do BOUNTYKINDS plan to secure funds while ensuring player value?

BOUNTYKINDS ensures player value by having a well regulated system.This system is maintained by our project partners who help us in developing BOUNTYKINDS as a collaborative effort. Through this, we are able to maximize our budget allotted for managing and creating the game as we progress. By doing so, BOUNTYKINDS is kept sustainable for new and incoming players.

What sets BOUNTYKINDS apart from other blockchain games and why would players stick around?

BOUNTYKINDS is set apart from its competitors through our unique ‘Contribute-To-Earn’ system and the sustainable triple token system that we utilize in keeping the project running. The fact that BOUNTYKINDS is a multimodal game makes it easier for the developers to apply new ideas to the game that a wider audience can appreciate and love to play.

How is BOUNTYKINDS addressing and minimizing key project risks?

BOUNTYKINDS is able to minimize risk through the balance between the triple token system, the value of our NFTs due to its issue limit, and the various game modes available in the game. Also, because of our project partners being proficient in their specific fields, we are able to address risks as soon as they arise and are able to deal with them in the best way possible.

What makes the team confident in BOUNTYKINDS’ success in the blockchain gaming market considering trends and statistics?

BOUNTYKINDS is confident in this project because of its various game modes that maintains both game and token ecosystem balance. Having multiple playable games simultaneously provides different player audiences options to choose from based on their preferences. BOUNTYKINDS is also confident with its strong game identity which allows it to stay relevant to the times.

Besides the AMA, a Twitter/X exclusive giveaway to win BOUNTYKINDS NFTs was held to celebrate their collaboration.

Follow their Twitter/X account and check out the announcement of our amazing partnership here

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