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Earn Special Rewards in the BOUNTYKINDS x Zealy Community


In Zealy’s BOUNTYKINDS x Zealy Community, players and followers have the opportunity to claim different kinds of rewards. These include a Beta-Ticket, multiple Character Spheres, and a substantial amount of Forbidden Fruit Energy (FFE) Tokens. To qualify for these rewards, individuals simply need to reach a specific level and meet the required Lvl.
This means that through determination and constant contribution the followers of BOUNTYKINDS can get the chance to play the game!

How to Join the BOUNTYKINDS x Zealy Giveaways

From here, we will guide you to apply for the quest even if you have never used the Zealy tool before. Please prepare either a Discord account or a Wallet address and proceed to the following section!

1. Visit the official page of the BOUNTYKINDS x Zealy

To join the BOUNTYKINDS x Zealy community, click on the link below:
BOUNTYKINDS Official Zealy Giveaway

2. Create an account and Singh in on Zealy

If players don’t have an account yet they can click on the “create account” button. If you already have an account, please SKIP the account creation section!

First time members of Zealy can choose to create an account using various options such as Discord, Wallet Connect, or by Email Address.

3. Click on a Quest in the BOUNTYKINDS Community Board

To do a quest just choose and click which quest the member would like to do.

The quests with empty keys are the tasks you can perform. To be unlocked, you must complete another quests task or earn XP points to raise your account level.

4. Perform tasks on the Quest Board

For this example, BOUNTYKINDS will be completing the quest of visiting the website. By visiting the site through the link on this page and subsequently pressing the Claim button, you will complete the task and earn XP points.

Some tasks are not automatically assigned points and you need waiting for require review. This will require approximately one week.

5.Claim your XP and level up in the BOUNTYKINDS Community Board

Finish up the quest by clicking on the claim reward button and be rewarded with the XP for that quest, Getting XP will help you Level up your account

After completing the quest a pop up will appear that the player has already finished the quest. Quests have a limit on the number of times they can be completed, such as daily, weekly, or one-time only.

Players Earn XP upon completing rewards and getting XP means leveling up, and when players Level up they get they will get the prizes on the EXCLUSIVE REWARDS QUESTS, where players can get beta tickets and all sorts of other rewards

Now, let’s log in to Zealy and do quests and aim for XP points! First of all, you should aim for Level 7, where Beta tickets are rewarded.

How to get BOUNTYKINDS game rewards

From this point on, users who have reached level 7 of Zealy will be explained against how to earn rewards.

1.Connect your wallet to get NFT Rewards

If you did not choose to log in with your Wallet address, you will need to make a connection to your Wallet address, so connect to it.

On the lower left of the screen there are 3 dots that you can click to show a pop-up of options, then you click on the profile button

After clicking on the profile button it will show your recent activities and recent quest completed, click on the 3 dot again and it will show you the account the account settings button

Clicking on the account settings will take you to the edit profile page in which you can see the Linked accounts option on the left side of the screen

On the linked accounts page you can see your discord, X (formerly known as twitter), and wallet.

Clicking on connect will let you choose what type of wallet you can connect

2. Click on the Exclusive Reward Quests that is being released.

Reaching a milestone can unlock the rewards for that quest.

3. Complete the Reward Quest item.

Claiming the reward will then prompt you to sign and agree to the terms and agreement to process the transaction with your connected wallet.

This quest is reviewed twice a week, so you will have to wait a while for distribution. Also, the review criteria are updated on Discord from time to time, so if you are unsure, please check back.

Seasonal Quests or EVENT Quest

 Frequently visit the website to get seasonal quests that changes depending on the time of year.

Sometimes they are linked to game events, and sometimes they hold their own Zealy events! Be sure to check it out!


In the zealy community participants and players alike can show off who completes the quest the most on the leaderboards tab on the top left, participating and getting XP will show up as points on the leaderboard.

Now you are ready to receive a great Giveaway through Zealy. Let’s get started.
You can also purchase tickets in the official marketplace if you would like to get started with BOUNTYKINDS before completing tasks on Zealy and receiving rewards! You can also use this Giveaway to earn FFE and other rewards, so you can use them together!






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