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BOUNTYKINDS World DAO Survey Results


BOUNTYKINDS World DAO Survey: Battle Jackpot Results
The results are out for the recently conducted survey regarding the transaction fees to be implemented when making $YU Claims. These transaction fees will be allotted for the Battle Jackpot pool.

Logistics of the Survey

For YU point claim transaction fees, what percentage do you feel is most optimal to be allocated for the Jackpot?

As a part of our BOUNTYKINDS World DAO, we will be holding a survey geared towards our players!
The survey will be about the BOUNTYKINDS BATTLE JACKPOT and the transaction fee percentage that will be allotted to its pool✨

This survey will run for three days – from June 20, 2023 to June 23, 2023

If a player successfully draws the jackpot through the lottery, the player can claim the overall total of $YU that was amassed in the pool!

Things to note when answering the survey:
– This survey is meant for users who have been playing BOUNTYKINDS during the Alpha testing phase.
– It is a MUST that you include your wallet address when filling up the form, (this is to verify your account)

– Submissions that will not be include a wallet address will be considered invalid
– The survey will be open until June 23, 2022
– The results of the survey will be released on our respective Discord and Telegram announcement channels


The JACKPOT pool
– Whenever a player claims their YU points and converts them to $YU tokens, a small transaction fee will be set in place. Accrued transaction fees will all be accumulated into the JACKPOT pool.

The JACKPOT ticket
– Once a player plays a match in the ARENA, they will receive one JACKPOT Raffle Ticket.
– One match will grant a player one ticket, and a player can hold a max total of 100 in total.

Results of the Survey

The response for this survey concluded with the majority of the BOUNTYKINDS DAO community choosing the 3% transaction fee. Starting the 26th of June, all $YU claims made by players in BOUNTYKINDS will now have a 3% transaction fee.

As an attempt to take a step closer to properly applying the DAO aspect into the project, BOUNTYKINDS decided to hold a survey to get the community’s consensus. The survey was held to know the playerbase’s take on the optimal transaction fees needed for the Battle Jackpot. The BOUNTYKINDS project will continue to progress together with the game players.






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