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the major update for the Alpha Phase


BOUNTYKINDS has a whole lot in store for everyone – the major update for the Alpha Phase is here!
Maintenance will be held on July 5, 2023 6 AM UTC to 10 AM UTC to implement these changes!
New and awaited features such as Weapon NFTs, Blood Union Generation (the BOUNTYKINDS minting mechanic), Item Crafting and some Drop Items are now fully online within the game!

This major item patch will definitely introduce exciting new ways for players to approach the MAP and ARENA!🔥

Here are the list of the changes and new features to be included:

🚀Implementation of Weapon NFTs

  • There will be 22 new additions of Weapon NFTs in the game
  • There is a limit to the number of Weapon NFTs that could be issued through the GACHA (only Blue Weapon Spheres will be active through this update)
  • The GACHA drop allocation percentage for Weapon NFTs will be boosted, similar to the Character NFT GACHA rates for the Alpha Phase (Drop rates for Blue Weapon Spheres will be set to 5% for UNCOMMON and 95% for COMMON NFTs)
  • Weapon NFTs will have a usage limit and will require repairing if players want to reuse them (there will be 4 methods)
  • Repair Points that you can use to repair these Weapon NFTs will be also be implemented with this update
  • Equipment Repair items, items that are exclusively for repairing Weapon NFTs, will also be implemented

🚀 Implementation of the BLOOD UNION GENERATION (Minting) Mechanic

  • BLOOD UNION GENERATION can be done using 2 NFTs above RARE rarity. By spending the necessary amount of points, players can mint a Character Sphere through BLOOD UNION GENERATION
  • Blood Union Points will be allocated to NFTs above RARE rarity

🚀 The Crafting System

Through crafting, players can create new in-game NFT and non-NFTs items through item fragments

🚀 Drop Item Activation

Items that can be used for Skill Synthesis such as Probability Boost items will be implemented
XP boost items will also be implemented

These changes will add another layer of depth to strategic BOUNTYKINDS gameplay and we are excited to see the creativity of our players with these additional features! 🔥






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