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How does the Jail Voucher ecosystem work?


New to the world of BOUNTYKINDS is a mechanism called JAIL VOUCHER. It is not Token itself, but a ticket that can be redeemed for $YU token, but the withdrawal depends on the share ratio of the two pools. This blog will explain how this works!

How does JAIL VOUCHER work?

40% of the penalty YU points collected in the JAIL of the MAP will be placed in the A pool. This is 100% of the JAIL VOUCHER Pool.
On the other hand, Staking JAIL VOUCHER. This Staking of JAIL VOUCHER is also 100%.
When a player unstakes (Claims) JAIL VOUCHER, the amount earned from the YU pool depends on the amount of JAIL VOUCHER’s Staking Share.

*The timing of when the pool is replenished is random.
**JAIL VOUCHER will be issued in Rewards.
***JAIL VOUCHER is burned when staked.

Ecosystem timeline for JAIL VOUCHER

We will look at specific examples. Please note that this sample is provided with easy-to-understand figures, but they do not relate to the actual amounts.

In the following timeline, the amount of YU token to the player transitions depending on the YU pool of MAP Jail cash bail fee and the Betting holding share of the Jail voucher prior to the input.

Initial time

Number of vouchers printed : 100

1️⃣ total 50 Voucher Betting
*If you bet 10 vouchers at one time, you can only withdraw 10 vouchers at a time, and you cannot withdraw in installments. When you plan to make a withdraw in installments, the quantity must be betted in installments.

Withdrawal 1️⃣ at this time will earn 0 YU token
*50 vouchers are not yet betted.

1st: MAP Jail cash bail fee are put into the YU pool

Amount put into the pool: 4000 YU
 → 1️⃣ earns 80 YU per voucher

Number of vouchers printed : 100

10 of the 1️⃣ ‘s are Withdrawing and 40 of the 1️⃣ ‘s continue betting (2️⃣).

3️⃣ Betting 100 new vouchers

Withdrawal 3️⃣ at this time will earn 0 YU token
*There are 50 tickets issued but not BET at this point, but none of 1️⃣, 2️⃣, or 3️⃣. Voucher has nothing to do with issue date.

2nd: MAP Jail cash bail fee are put into the YU pool

Amount put into the pool: 7000 YU
 → 40 of 2️⃣ and 100 of 3️⃣ for a total of 140 vouchers, each vouchers earns 50 YU
   → 2️⃣ earns 80 YU + 50 YU per voucher
   → 3️⃣ earns 50 YU per voucher

Number of vouchers printed : 200

10 of the 2️⃣ ‘s are Withdrawing and 30 of the 2️⃣ ‘s continue betting (4️⃣).
10 of the 3️⃣ ‘s are Withdrawing and 90 of the 3️⃣ ‘s continue betting (5️⃣).

6️⃣ Betting 230 new vouchers

Withdrawal 6️⃣ at this time will earn 0 YU token

3rd: MAP Jail cash bail fee are put into the YU pool

Amount put into the pool: 7000 YU
 → 30 of 4️⃣ and 90 of 5️⃣, 230 of 6️⃣ for a total of 350 vouchers, each vouchers earns 20 YU
   → 4️⃣ earns 80 YU + 50 YU + 20 YU per voucher
→ 5️⃣ earns 50 YU + 20 YU per voucher
   → 6️⃣ earns 20 YU per voucher

……This mechanism is repeated and will continue.

Note:The numbers 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ 4️⃣ 5️⃣ 6️⃣ denoted here indicate the holder of the voucher at that time. Therefore, the numbers are updated and explained for those that continue Betting.

If you do not bet a voucher, you will not be counted as a share holder.

Player will not receive any YU in the pool that was turned in prior to Betting. The number of YU you can receive as a share is for those put into the pool after Betting.

The player can withdraw YU at any time, but the Jail voucher is burned at the time it is turned in and cannot be re-betted. The amount of the Jail voucher must be the same when the player withdraws as when he/she bet the Jail voucher.

When will we know the amount and duration of MAP Jail cash bail fee’s input?

The timing of when bail money is put into the pool is random, with the exception of the first session. There may or may not be advance notice as to the quantity to be put in. Please check back frequently for the latest information.

Jail Voucher can be earned through seasonal rewards, regular rewards in the higher rank arenas, or at various events. You too can get Jail Voucher’s and use this ecosystem!






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