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How to use JAIL VOUCHER?

BOUNTYKINDS Jail voucher


As for Jail voucher, it is a very Gamefi element in this BOUNTYKINDS game. As such, it involves an element of investment, but Jail voucher is not something you buy, but something you earn by playing the game. This section will explain in detail how to use it when it is actually obtained!

For more information on how Jail vouchers work, check out this article in addition to the white paper. It is a chronological explanation.

How to Bet Jail voucher

This time describes the actual sequence of events that take place until the Jail voucher point holder takes it out of the game and bets it. This operation is done on-chain and requires a small amount of BNB for gas fee.

1. Access the game and connect Wallet

Connect to your game WALLET through CONNECT WALLET button in the upper right corner of the page ( ).

All pages from here on are done with Wallet connected. So those page links need connect the wallet.

2. Go to the My-NFT page to check your points

Go to the My-NFT page ( .This page allows you to check your own in-game items and NFT.

This page, player can also check the history of Jail voucher’s acquisitions and withdrawals.


Click the Claim button to display the image above. You can withdraw the required quantity of Jail voucher’s you are holding. There is no withdrawal fee, but a small gas fee will be charged.

4. Check the quantity and make a Claim

Reconfirm and claim the quantity.

5. Approve with your Crypto Wallet

Approve the operation with Wallet and pay a small amount of BNB for gas fee.

6. Confirm that the specified quantity has been claimed and press OK.

Because these withdrawals are made on the blockchain, depending on the time of day, it may take some time before the quantity appears on the page.

7. Check the quantity of Jail voucher

You can see that Jail voucher point is now 0 and 5 is added to JAIL VOUCHER on the far right. Jail voucher point withdrawals and earns can be viewed in the point history.
Now that the voucher has been claimed from the game, we will now proceed with the actual betting of the voucher.

8. Go to Betting management page

Below where the quantity of the voucher is shown on the right, there is a link to the Betting page. Please click on this link.

9. Click the STAKE NOW button

On this page, you can check the vouchers you have and the quantity of vouchers you have Betted.

Player will create a card for each of these Betting times. When drawing out, you cannot split this one chunk. If you are planning to take it out by splitting it up, make sure to divide it into smaller pieces at this time for Betting.

10. Enter the quantity to be staked

When Betting, consideration should be given to the quantity at one time. If you bet 5 vouchers at one time, you can only withdraw 5 vouchers at a time, and you cannot withdraw in installments. When you plan to make a withdraw in installments, the quantity must be betted in installments.

11. Review the content and proceed to the approval process

If you have entered the quantity and accept the agreement, click on the CONFIRM PURCHASE button to continue. After clicking this button, you will proceed to the approval process in the connected Wallet.

12. Specify the maximum quantity in the connected Wallet

Enter a number greater than the amount you plan to Betting.

13. Acknowledge that you have specified the maximum amount to be Betting

First, approve the agreement for the maximum amount of Betting.

14. Betting is approved and the gas price (BNB) is paid

Approve the player to start Staking with the quantity entered at 10. and pay a small amount for gas in BNB

15. If you see this display, you have succeeded!

When this image appears, Staking has been successfully completed. These operations are performed on the blockchain and may be slow at certain times of the day.

16. Jail voucher Share Amount Update

When the screen refreshes, it will show the current Staked Share amount of vouchers and the quantity of vouchers you have Staked.

17. Jail Voucher Managing card is created

For each Betting, one Jail Voucher Managing card is created to see the current occupancy of your pool.

How to Withdraw Jail Voucher

Coming Soon …

This section will be added after the YU pool is updated.

JAIL voucher Management Page Details

This contents explain how each section of the page is work.


② Total locked amount XXXX SHARES : All quantities currently betted in the Jail voucher pool.

③ MANAGING : The Managing cards listed on this tab appear as clumps that can be used for withdrawals and YU confirmations for each card. Cards cannot be split into separate withdrawals.

④ EARNED : Switching to EARNED tab allows you to see your Betting history.

⑤ Date and time Betting was initiated

⑥ Quantity of vouchers on a single managing card

⑦ Occupancy : Share of this managing card in current market share

⑧ WITHDRAW : Withdraw betting and receive pool YU.
*Withdrawals will not return the Jail voucher to your account. Player will receive YU token for each managing card occupied.

⑨ Total Amount XX JAIL VOUCHER : The total amount of vouchers you are currently Betting.

⑩ LOCK IN ALL PROFIRS : Betting of all Jail voucher are withdrawed and the YU token of the pool is received.

This JAIL VOUCHER can be Staking at any time and can be withdrawn at any time. It makes the blockchain game more strategic by exploring different ways of when to withdraw, whether to leave it acquired, or reinvest it to acquire further vouchers. It is a very GameFi elemental part of the game.
We encourage players to check out this content and give it a try!






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