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How to perform a Skill Synthesis in BOUNTYKINDS

How to increase the rarity of the NFT in the Crypt game


Skill synthesis is a BOUNTYKINDS mechanism that combines two NFTs to create a stronger character NFT. This skill synthesis mechanism, which is unusual for a blockchain game, allows NFTs to be raised and made into NFTs of higher rarity. Here we will look at the mechanism and how it is implemented.

Step-By-Step Process of Skill Synthesis

1.From the MAIN MENU, Click on UPGRADE

There are several routes to the page where skill synthesis is performed, but we will use the most standard route. Click on the UPGRADE option found on the bottom of the Main Menu.

2. Select Skill Synthesis of the UPGRADE

After that click on the skill synthesis to access the synthesis menu.

3.Select which Character NFT the player wishes to perform Skill Synthesis on

Now comes the real skill synthesis: select one NFT you want to strengthen, select another NFT to feed on, and proceed with the synthesis.

First, select the NFT you wish to enhance.

Each Character NFT has a minimum and maximum rarity limit. If the Character NFT were to reach their maximum limit for its rarity, they can no longer be enhanced through Skill Synthesis. Notice how only a few NFT can be selected , it is important to remember that only max level character NFT’s can be skill synthesized.

4.Select which Character NFT the player wants to use as a Catalyst

Next, choose which Character they are willing to use as a catalyst for the Character NFTs being upgraded.

NFTs that are used in a game (in a formation, on loan in staking or scalar, etc.) cannot be selected here.

*When an NFT is chosen as a catalyst in Skill Synthesis,  Character NFTs will be burned. Even when the outcome is a failed Skill Synthesis, the Character NFT that was chosen as a catalyst will be gone.

5.Check the composite probability

Success rate of skill synthesis depends on the main character NFT and the catalyst character NFT, in this example it is shown 100% because the main character NFT has the same tribe and element as the catalyst character NFT.
Skill synthesis for characters other than those of the same race and attributes is not 100%. Players can use items to increase the establishment or change to NFT which increases the percentage of possible success.

5-1. When selecting an NFT with a probability of not 100%.

In some instances that you don’t have the same NFT with the same tribe and have a lower chance it will look like this

For more information on the relationship between attributes and species with a high probability of success, please see the white paper.

Inter-Tribes success rates + Inter-Element success rates = Skill Synthesis Success Rate

5-2.Use items that increase the establishment

Here is how to use items to increase the probability.

Click on “Calculat item” in the center of the screen.

5-3.Select an item

Luck’s Magical Crystal increase the success rate for skill synthesis.

Luck’s Magical Crystal have a rarity, and the probability numbers that can be increased vary accordingly. Note that only one item can be used in a single skill synthesis.

5-4.Confirmation of final probability

6.Choose the part skill that you want to transfer

Choose which part skill of the Character NFT would players want on their main Character NFT to have during the Synthesis.

Players can choose a part skill from the catalyst NFT to be transferred into the main NFT, however if there is already a part skill from the main NFT players can choose to overwrite the existing skill to the catalyst skill, but if both NFT’s posses the same part skill they can enhance it and make that part skill level up instead.

7.The part skills you want to enhance and the status of the NFT if successful.

This will be the stats and details or the outcome of the skill synthesis players can adjust or change up the if they are not yet satisfied with the out come.

8.Click Synthesize

If the player is satisfied with their preparation from choosing which Character NFTs to upgrade and use as Catalyst as well as which Skill they want to impart, they may initiate the Skill Synthesis by clicking SYNTHESIZE.

9.Approve final confirmation

A pop-up will then appear after clicking on the SYNTHESIZE button. This is to confirm the player’s intention to synthesize the NFTs and start the Skill Synthesis.

10.Approval by your Wallet.

After clicking on the accept your wallet will prompt for the player to sign that they accept the character skill synthesis process and is willing to pay for the gas fee for the transaction.Character NFTs that are used as synthesis materials will be burned and cannot be retrieved after the synthesis is complete.  Even if the synthesis fails, the character NFTs used for synthesis and gas fee paid will be incinerated and no skills will be given.

11.Display of synthesis results.

With the success of combining the 2 NFT’s the Main NFT now has a stronger skill that and can now be leveled up further!

Skill synthesis does not only increase its max level capacity and part skills it also adds a Star and will level up their rarity. Reaching 3 stars on a character and enhancing it further will increase its rarity
But please note that Each character has a maximum rarity limit. Once the character has reached its maximum rarity, it can no longer be further enhanced through synthesis.

Now, you too can try your hand at skill synthesis!






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