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The BOUNTYHALL is one of the many game modes that players can combat training with CPU as a PvE mode in the BOUNTYKINDS world. Climbing floors while defeating the enemies in each stage will allow you to earn more rewards. Unlike the PVP mode, there is no risk of BWP reduction.
This PvE mode holds significant importance for players, serving as a crucial place for acquiring earning BWP and User Level EXP (not NFT experience points). The number of floors a player can challenge is limited by user level, but defeating an enemy gives the player the right to challenge the next stage.

How to Start Playing the BOUNTYHALL

You are in the game using a BOUNTYKINDS ticket and connected to a WALLET. If you haven’t already, please refer to this How to start BOUNTYKINDS.
Here we will tell you how to start the BOUNTHALL (PvE) and what the game is about.

1.  Enter BOUNTYKINDS and click on the BOUNTYHALL

Click on the “BOUNTYHALL” button that can be found in the middle of BOUNTYKINDS Main Menu.

2.Select the Hall you wish to enter

The Event Hall is a time-limited Hall.
We will use the regular BOUNTYHALL for the rest of the explanations from here on.

3.Select a floor

Each time a floor is cleared by winning a battle, the next floor is unlocked. You can only select floors that have been unlocked.

4. Select a stage to challenge

Only unlocked stages can be selected. Stages that have been completed once can be selected again, but the reward will be reduced from the first time the stage is completed.

5.Let’s play against the CPU!

When fighting on the floor, you can try the first few times for free, but after that you must pay Energy each time.
*Note that if your user level is insufficient at this time, you will not be able to fight in this stage.

6. Check your opponent’s skills in battle!

Unlike PVP, you do not lose BWP if you lose this battle. It is possible to get a feel for your formation’s characteristics and those of the enemy while testing the enemy NFT characters to see what their characteristics are. Try out a lot!

7.If you win, earn rewards!

Rewards can be either several items or BWP or user level EXP points!

8.The next stage is now open, so let’s give it a try!

Some floors give more EXP to raise user bells and some give more BWP. It is also possible to train on those floors!
Use your tactics to clear the BOUNTYHALL.


You can check the clearing status of other players!

BOUNTYHALL Game Play History

You can view the history of the stages you have played and the rewards you have earned.

For detailed use of the PvE mode, check out this blockchain game whitepaper.

These resources are needed in enhancing and leveling up their game account. The interactive and unpredictable nature of the game mode contributes to an enjoyable gaming experience, appealing to both new and seasoned players.






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