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BOUNTYKINDS is a Web3 gaming project set in a gaming universe where players can earn by contributing in the game’s world building. Players have several ways of earning within the game, which makes gameplay and strategizing more unique and interesting.

What you need to play BOUNTYKINDS

BOUNTYKINDS is a blockchain game. So, in order to participate, you will need a Smart Wallet for Web3 (We recommend METAMASK), an wallet address, and a Beta ticket (an NFT to participate in the beta phase of BOUNTYKINDS). You will also need BNB for a little gas to use the NFT.

BOUNTYKINDS for Beginners: a Step-by-Step Guide

1.Visit the Official Website

To kick off your BOUNTYKINDS adventure, start by opening any web browser and visit our official website at

2.Connect your Smart Wallet to BOUNTYKINDS

It is essential to have a Smart Wallet in order to play BOUNTYKINDS. You can manage all your in-game assets such as tokens, Characters, Weapons and other NFTs like your Beta-Ticket within your wallet so make sure you keep it safe and secure.


Once you connect your Smart Wallet, you need to activate your Beta-Test Ticket to finally gain access for playing BOUNTYKINDS.
If your wallet does not contain a Beta Ticket, which is required to enter the game, make sure you get your hands on one first. You can purchase a Beta Test Ticket NFT through the BOUNTYKINDS MARKETPLACE using YU Tokens, or buy them from other secondary markets.

To activate your Beta-Ticket, go to your My-NFT Page, which can be found in the upper right corner of the website.

4.Activate Your Beta Test Ticket

Look under the TICKET tab and click on your ticket. This will transfer you to a new window which will ask you what you want to do with the Beta Ticket in your wallet.

*The wallet address where you used your ticket will be registered as your BOUNTYKINDS account. Please note that you cannot move your account.

5.Beta Ticket Approval

After selecting the ticket, Metamask will open and step through several approvals. Review the contents and if there are no problems, approve and proceed with the process.
*A small amount of BNB will be used to pay for gas at this time.

When this screen appears, press OK. Your BOUNTYKINDS account has been created and you are ready to start playing the game.

6.Start the game

Go to the PLAY GAME tab at the top of the site to get started.
Once the start screen appears, press PLAYGAME in the center of the site.

Now that you’ve successfully activated your Beta Ticket, you can now enter BOUNTYKINDS. Once you click the PLAY GAME button at the start, you will be greeted with the options to claim your rental NFTs.

7.Claim your Rental NFT

Players need three character NFTs to play BOUNTYKINDS. Even if you already have your own NFT characters, they will be randomly loaned to all players free of charge. During the test period, you can extend your character rental for free or buy back your rental character.

*Rental NFTs can be used for a test period by extending the rental period. However, once returned, it cannot be rented again.
**It is also possible to buy back this rented NFT. However, please note that the maximum rarity of the rental NFTs is common, and the rarity cannot be raised to uncommon.

With that said, you are now ready to fully begin your BOUNTYKINDS adventure and start participating in our amazing game modes!

Youtube also shows how to get started with BOUNTYKINDS.


BOUNTYKINDS is a blockchain game with a play-to-earn aspect. Let’s review a bit about the token ecosystem to see how you can earn.

The BOUNTYKINDS universe is going to be dictated by this unique achievement system where all contributions to the game would be quantified and scaled to a number. This number will decide the intricate reward values that come with playing the game. This crypt game will be available within the Binance Smart Chain.

Contribute-to-Earn is the core concept of BOUNTYKINDS that makes it unique and a sustainable blockchain game. In order to fully understand how the system functions, it is important to first know exactly what “contributions” are. This Contribute-To-Earn concept revolves around players being rewarded for their proactive contributions to the game. These are then quantified into a metric that can be used to gauge a player’s overall contribution to the game. This metric is called the Bounty World Point or BWP. A player’s rank goes higher the more BWP a player earns. This means that the more a player plays and engages in BOUNTYKINDS, the more they contribute, meaning the more BWP they can earn. This directly translates to how well they will place in the rankings, which will ultimately impact their earnings when playing BOUNTYKINDS.

In addition to the ecosystem, the white paper provides all the information you need to get started with BOUNTYKINDS, including the role of each token, the types of NFTs, and the items that can be earned in the game.

Official whitepaper

Let’s start BOUNTYKINDS and become emperors!






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