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Released at the beta launch


Are you ready for the Beta phase of BOUNTYKINDS?
With the Bounty World Point rankings reset to 0, a new start line has been set for everyone – new players and returning players alike! Take on the challenge of a new season and earn as much as you can through gaming by participating in the #BOUNTYKINDS Official Beta Phase!

Period:August 29, 2023 – January 31 2024

A lot awaits our players during our long and exciting Beta Phase! Here are the list of the things you should look out for during the initial stages of our Beta Phase!

what was released at the beta launch

✅The Battle Jackpot will finally be an active feature in the game! Players can now stack up Jackpot Tickets and test their luck in winning the accumulated $YU points in the Jackpot Pool!

✅Entrez dans la bataille ! Jehanne Darc, the holy French warrior waltzes in and joins the fray! Obtain her from the GACHA and add her to your team as a powerful healer who can also dish out damage! Know more about her through her Character Spotlight which will be posted soon!

✅New features and slots will gradually be added into the board game! Look forward to more engaging slots in the MAP which will allow for more unique gameplay!

✅The first to be added are the Jail Slot and the new item to deal with it: The Get-Out-Jail Card, will be unlocked! Wait for more announcements regarding these new features!

✅User Levels will be added into the game! It will be used as a metric to gauge a players immersion in the game – it will also take a player’s contribution from the Alpha Phase so we are excited for returning players to check out their level once the game returns!

✅For the initial stages of the Beta Phase, tests will be conducted to examine how our player base’s engages with the MAP mode! We are hoping players will use this period to strengthen their Character NFTs and gather items through the board game, or for strategizing different formations. We hope this gives everyone ample time to get ready for when the ARENA reopens, which will mark the start of a new fiery season of the Dominion Rankings!

✅Seasonal Rewards for the Alpha Phase are on its way! If you are a returning player, don’t forget to claim your rewards and kick off the Beta Testing Phase on a high note!

We have more in stall for everyone for and we can’t wait for BOUNTYKINDS reach the best version of itself! Join us along the way and have fun as we all aim to be an Emperor!






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